The Forest

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Use the arrow keys to control the character and help them find their way out of the forest.


Looks like you've got a setting for an adventure game, but no adventure. Add a story, a character, some kind of quest, and some enemies, and you'll have a good game. Also, some music wouldn't hurt either. You should also fix your title and ending screens, because the whole header can't display at once.

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Cute. This isn't all that terrible for a newbie's first game. Definitely buggy and...Er...Not very much to do, but it's a good start.

If you read this, you should get into more adventure/rpg games. Lord knows that we need more of them around here!

Way to easy, you can just go between any 2 trees. You could add obstacles, or maybe more trees. As this game is currently I'd only give it half of a star.

i just whent through the trees XD insted of restarting at the biggining you should make a new level

its good but how a bout a few monsters and a unbeatable monster that hunts u when exit the forest

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2.00 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2012
8:39 PM EDT
Adventure - Other