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The Fall of Koganusan

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Just something I made for a month-long school project. It was made over the course of a week, with on and off progress being made one slow day at a time, since I had other things on my plate at the time, as well.

Basically, the movie centers around an unnamed "dwarf" (I use quotation marks because the dwarves look more human than dwarven, since I'm a shit artist), whose final days within the dwarven fortress "Koganusan" (dwarven for 'Boatmurdered', google it) are numbered. The meaning of the film, deeper than the jist of it, is for you to decide. This was my first attempt at creating something somewhat abstract, with different interpretations and the likes, and I'm not very satisfied with the end result. That's why I ask of you to please be critical in your comments so that I may improve myself. Don't feel forced to do so, though. A simple rating will suffice. :-)

The film was very much inspired by "Dwarf Fortress", an A+ video game, as well as "Boatmurdered", an online "let's play" of sorts related to the video game at hand. Artistry credits go to both myself and the much more talented folks at the now-defunct Raven software, producers of "Hexen" and "Heretic", from which I shamefully traced most of the drawings in the second half of the film. The wonderful music credits go to Tarn Adams, the creator of Dwarf Fortress, and an all-around excellent composer. Please try to enjoy regardless of the atrocious quality of the visuals.


it really captured the drama and fantasy i like it

HarmonicBlues responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't really get it, and I'm pretty sure there were some grammatical errors but apart from that it was pretty cool. You should probably work on making it clearer on what's happening and maybe putting in a little more movement? (I don't know that's just my opinion)

HarmonicBlues responds:

Thank you for the comment. I appreciate your feedback and rest assured i will keep what you've said in mind for any future productions. I agree with that it could have done with more movement rather than just half-assed still images, and I'll try to better myself for future productions. Thanks once more.

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Jun 9, 2012
9:04 AM EDT