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Monkey on a Pogo Stick

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Monkey on a Pogo Stick is bouncing and falling through the jungle canopy. Collecting three bananas unlocks a parachute to slow you down and give you a break. Bounce as far as you can!

LEFT and RIGHT to move Monkey, SPACE to activate your parachute after collecting three bananas.


Almost a fun little game, needs more work before its published n here though


Nice, simple game.

The fact that it gradually speeds up, also adds to the challenge, too. Graphics are ok; could be a little better, but with a simple game mechanic, you can get away with it. (:

Game controls are pretty smooth, and I like your attention to user friendliness by adding pause and mute options.

A few things to consider:
- Adding a quick warning when the parachute is about to expire (make the parachute blink or fade out, for example)
- Getting rid of the short music loop. I find short loops in Flash games, especially ones that don't loop seamlessly, to be a bit annoying. Since there are no sound effects, this would make the game completely silent, so I'd add some sounds (see next item).
- Add sound effects when you collect bananas, and when you use your parachute. You _might_ also add a sound effect when you bounce, however you'd have to be careful on this one if you did. Since bouncing is the main mechanic and it happens often, you'd probably want it to be several (maybe 2 or 3), similar-sounding, subtle sounds, so it doesn't become monotonous.

Also, just before the game loads, I get this Actionscript run-time error message:

TypeError: Error #1006: value is not a function.
at code::Document/adFinished()
at MethodInfo-238()
at MethodInfo-26()
at Function/http://adobe.com/AS3/2006/bu iltin::apply()
at SetIntervalTimer/onTimer()
at flash.utils::Timer/_timerDispatch()
at flash.utils::Timer/tick()

It seems to play normally afterwards. Using Firefox 13.0, and Flash debug player 11.3.

Otherwise, nice game.

- Ziro out.

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Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2012
7:12 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop