Cafe Rouge 1

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Visual novel and cooking game. Chapter 1 of Cafe Rouge.

Chapter 2 scheduled to be released June 22 2012

Only 1 password in Chapter One (make sure to write down your password for next chapter)

EDIT: fixed instructions on stirring, and extending the dimensions of the "points" needed to be hit during stirring


Four years later, I'm back for more. I got a good mouse, so maybe I'll actually finish the game this time. :D I like the artwork, though its hard to make out features in some frames. I have yet to find any actual glitches, and I'd like to say that passwords are not as much as a problem as some people act like they are. The only suggestion I have is that you maybe try adjusting the cooking parts to make navigation easier.

Although the stirring is frustrating at first, once you find the groove it's really easy. The game is INCREDIBLE and is definitely worth the temporary frustration. Can't wait to play the rest ^-^

The stirring part is really hard for me XD cuz I didn't read the instruction :v still I made it through XD this game is really interesting :3

Her name is Isis...This dude can tell the future!

i love the art and the story behind the game is perfect the ideas of the cooking style the sounds and music it's like a game you would buy for a game shop i love every moment of it and i cant wait to play all the next chapters

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4.01 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2012
6:27 PM EDT
Simulation - Other