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For the NATA Novice Round, the theme being "Elephant in the Room"
There was going to be a happy ending at after that last scene, but I ran out of time. If you guys want me to animate that secret scene within the next couple of days, let your voices be heard!
BTW, I'm going to be done with downer endings for the rest of this competition.


I actually disagree with a few reviews below me. The first point I'd like to raise is directed towards 2 comments below me stating that the elephant was not in the room literally or metaphorically.

This is wrong on both levels. The elephant was literally in the room with a cigarette as a metaphorical representation of the "elephant in the room", that being a topic or issue that is obviously known, but not discussed due to discomfort or awkwardness. I feel this was expressed perfectly.

The "elephant" topic was generally childhood imagination, and having to come to terms with reality. The more be became aware of that elephant in the room, (the elephant being the fact that all his fantasies and imaginative beliefs are just that; fantasy,) The older he becomes, the more he becomes aware of the elephant. The more he's aware of it, the more everything associated with it, fades into a mist of non existence, leaving the child with an open wound where his dreams and imagination used to be, only to have it harden with maturity.

A second point I'd like to raise is that many of you are such simple thinkers. You seem to think that if the plot doesn't throw itself right in your face, that it is a faulty plot. Art is expression. And the fact that I was able to commune with this expression perfectly, shows that it is there. You have to watch the video through the eyes of the artist. Every frame to us is a millisecond. Every frame to the artist is minutes to an hour of work.

Animation like this, of which is drawn smoothly, with a very classic florescent color, use of audio of mood, there is definitely something being communicated in this. whereas I see a lot of you looking at this as if the plot was written in 3 minutes.

Just because you don't understand the full capacity of the expression, does not mean it's not there.

I'd like to see a lot more of this. I only provide a 4 because I know, based on your limited time to do this vs how well it was done, that given free reign over time, you could produce even better.

Really liked Animation Transformation that you uploaded last year. Keep it up man.

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Then he became emo ...

Nice animation! I love the style you used, and the way you expressed so many emotions without using words. Good stuff

It was good but the quick end was out of place. I liked the animation but neither literally nor metaphorically was their an elephant in the room.
Overall I liked it.

Fantastic Animation

Audio: (10/10)
I loved the audio, it was placed nicely throughout the whole animation and it set the mood for the animation. The audio felt original to me, fantastic job.

Animation: (7/10)
I loved the animation style that you were using. I also liked how the story was original and how it went with the audio.
Well, there is only one thing I think you should work on, and that's how it was kind of plain... Like, I didn't really see much movement and that didn't make me feel much interest for the animation. I can understand that you probably didn't do because it would screw up the main story plot or simply because you didn't have enough time, but you could have at least showed the other characters more often then you did, that would have made the animation seem more interesting.

Overall: (8/10)
The animation was very well done. The audio was set into place very nicely, it created the mood for the animation which I like. The animation style was very well done, the story was original and that made me enjoy this animation more then I did. Fantastic job.

Um..... I agree with gabbertimo. He said it well.

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4.27 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2012
2:52 AM EDT