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This is a beta i know i know its a pain. But i have hit a brick wall in development because I am a major noob at AS3.

I wrote the code all on timeline and need to learn to use it in external classes and use MVC (Model view controller) to structure it more efficiently. That day will come but not for a while yet.

I am open to collaboration if I feel you are the right person whether it is art or programming based. just message me for more details. This is a good project and I do not want it to go to waste.

Give me any feedback on the game. I know its not perfect but i gave it my best shot as a first proper game.


Pretty good so far. I would like to see what the finished product would be like.

For a beta this isn't bad. The collision with the character is good and I didn't have a problem walking around once I stood up. Also, great work on the audio. It's properly moody and opening with knocking on the door has a good kinda creepy feel to it. There are a couple things I would recommend:

1. Lengthen the required response time for the action sequence of standing up, otherwise the idea and implementation are fine.

2. Always give feedback to the player when they try and do something, especially if it fails or does nothing. For example, when I try and toggle the lever from across the room I should get some feedback like "I can't reach that", or something to that effect. If you're having trouble coding the events the way you want them to happen or you haven't gotten around to recording the audio, use simple text as placeholders.

3. Whatever you're using to detect proximity to objects seems a little off. I wasn't able to pull the cloth off of the tiger for a while, I had to be standing in a very specific spot. Some kind of feedback as mentioned above might fix this issue though.

4. Display the help dialog before a new game is started. From most of the reviews I can gather that most people never looked at it, even if they were having trouble. Forcing them to at least 'ok' through it will at least stop them from blaming the game and in general improve the experience.

shaunyboi69 responds:

Thank you this was taken into consideration. very useful!

sort of confusing but cool graphics

i can't seem to get past the first scene? i keep pressing and holding the up key, but all the guy does is wiggle...

I'm completely lost. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't do anything in this game. It took me forever to get out of the ropes, and when I finally did all I could find was a rope next to me. I can put the rope around the tiger's neck, or remove it from the tiger's neck. I can flip the switch up and down which appears to do nothing, and I can raise and lower the pallet jack thing. I assume the door on the right is my out, and the boxes on the right have an eyeball that appears over them, but when I click nothing happens.

Looks like it could be an interesting game. I just can't do anything in it.

shaunyboi69 responds:

its a beta mate. i never said everything worked? i did it because i wanted someone to collaborate with.

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Jun 7, 2012
6:51 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG