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whoa, front paged! HI NEWGROUNDS! :D



well, here's the culmination of about 10 days of on and off animating. It's my entry for NATA's novice round, which theme is "The Elephant in the Room."

You might be a bit confused as to how I arrived at this take on the theme. Well, early on I realized that a lot of the contestants were going to go literal routes, and a lot of the contestants were going to go figurative routes. I kind of decided to take things a bit of a different route, to back things up, simplify the phrase a bit more:

"Big thing in a small place."

Bugs are small, very much so, but some are much bigger than others. So I took a bug that represents the epitome of small, the ant, and pitted against one of the biggest I could think of, conveniently named the elephant beetle.

Anyway, hope you guy's enjoy it. Don't forget to check out that KickStarter page at the end (it's gonna be an awesome series if they come up with the funding!).


4 stars man good movie

JerrodStorm responds:

Thanks! if there's anything I can do to improve, please do tell! :D

What the heck was that?

JerrodStorm responds:

I invite you to be more constructive as you review in the future. I've said some mean and inconsiderate things on this site, and can't remove them. Please don't make the same mistakes I have.

I liked it a lot. The sound balance could use some work - the voices were very quiet at times, and the sound effects too loud. Good work!


loving the castle crasher music <3

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4.14 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
8:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Original