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Pesce in Oceano

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This is the first flash game I've ever made. Since I wanted to do some "Learning by Doing" I tried to redo an old RPG Maker Game I created about 5 years ago, so see it's more like some kind of "simple art" or something like that... and don't take it too serious... although no one will play it anyway.

Well, it's a simple avoider with some kind of retro graphics. You have to collect the randomly appearing food (which sounds like coins when collected...) and avoid the big fishies. Not really a fun game for too long, but made with love.


Start: Enter, Space, Mouseclick

Movement: Arrow Keys, W/A/S/D, I/J/K/L

Pause: Escape, P, Pause

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This game was mildly interesting for the first minute or two, but then you realize you're fish isn't getting any bigger, and that's a serious letdown. So I continue playing to about 603 points, and I start getting bored, the music is depressing, and I don't see the point in playing any longer. But then the fish gets eaten, and you expect this to be a game where I go back to beat my highscore? Helllll to the no. absolutely 0 replay value. Sorry, but no offense, this was a trash game.

My score is 1354, fun, but also boring.

Loved it! It was really great! I was bored all day doing nothing and I found this retro game. I hope you know you made my day with this really chill and laid back game. I'd recommend it to anyone.

there isnt something new or speicel, but it is very good as first game, i really like the smooth movment and how the fish sliding around, at the start i though it was gonna be like eat and get bigger, it is good as an expiremental game, not something that can pass few hours but still a good work, maybe it would be better to add small details and options, but overall i think its nice.

simply yet classic arcade style fun