Hug Marine

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You are Hug Marine - a custom-built warrior forging your way through hostile alien territories in order to find the native life and hug the living hell out of it! GO HUG SOMETHING!

[dev note: this was my first game, made with Stencyl as part of a month-long game jam for complete noobsticks. enjoy!]

(By the way, if you like the music, it's all available over at my music section! Download, enjoy, etc!)


the story was witty but the game play was very good u must make a sequal im ganna be looking forward to it. with lots of love shadowsniper

failnaut responds:

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it!

this game was good :) i hope you make more games

failnaut responds:

Thank you, and I intend to! :).

Okay. First off; that was wonderfully delightful to play and made me 'daww' a couple of times. The music was pretty good, the art is exactly my type (as in it's one of my favorite art styles, somewhat minimalistic yet has so much ... care put into it that it somehow looks minimalistic and utterly detailed at the same time).

And though it pains me somewhat, I cannot give this a full 5 stars. This game was fun, however it lacked challenge. Though this might just be because I was born and raised on platformers, I just think that you could have made this game a bit more challenging.

If you make another game in the same vein as this, I'd recommend making it a bit more challenging. However if you're aiming for a more casual crowd, keep it as is. It's not too hard, yet there are a few spots that made me stop for a second to think. This game was pretty damn good man. Major props and respect. Going to have to keep an eye out for more 'FAILNAUT' games.

failnaut responds:

Inf - the fact that you gave it 4.5 stars is nothing short of incredible, as this is actually the first game I've ever properly made and finished, as part of a game jam.

I do think, if anything, there's a lack of variety in what you're doing, but I'll be working on ways to expand the idea while keeping the accessibility. Your feed back is massively appreciated. :).

I thought the concept was adorable!

The only reason you're not getting another 1/2 star is simply because I had a hard time on the 3rd level and the fact that there is no checkpoints.

Looking forward to seeing more stuff though, man. c:

failnaut responds:

Hey, Holshadow! I'm really glad you enjoyed it - the lack of checkpoints is my bad. This is my first ever game, built in Stencyl during a month-long game-jam, so I had to make choices re: what I could learn in that time-span. But checkpoints will definitely go into this when I update it!

Awesome game. Great concept. Maybe a bit too easy but that's okay. (I mean it's a game about hugging lol.) I really enjoyed it and I would love to see more work from you. Also, the music was awesome.

failnaut responds:

I can't wait to show you more work, and I'm really glad you liked the music! I used PixiTracker to make it, which I'd recommend to anyone with a musical creative urge.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
6:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other