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You are Hug Marine - a custom-built warrior forging your way through hostile alien territories in order to find the native life and hug the living hell out of it! GO HUG SOMETHING!

[dev note: this was my first game, made with Stencyl as part of a month-long game jam for complete noobsticks. enjoy!]

(By the way, if you like the music, it's all available over at my music section! Download, enjoy, etc!)


i have two words for you: Save Points! as easy as this game was i thought of it a bit annoying when i would mess up at the end and have to restart. Save Points could make it so you could make the lvls harder! But this was really addicting! Awsome concept!!! -Phantom87k

failnaut responds:

You're very right! Good point, never saw save points that way before. I'll see if I can patch those in.

SO CUTE!! I loved it

failnaut responds:


Just passing by to say I love this game.

Now, to hug stuff.

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failnaut responds:

Just passing by to say thank you!

Now, to feel pleased!

An absolutely adorable game my friend! I first saw it a minute ago and I was like cool! I do agree with LordJacor on maybe naming it hug ninja based on the character's design and running style, but it was great. We should see if the military would adopt these type of 'special tactics.' A little short, but then again I love short games and platformers! It was very cute how the music went with each scene. Sometimes it was almost like the beat was the character's jumps, and I had fun timing them up together. My only concern was the background be a little to mild, but then again that's not was you intended to do, was it? Also, this is just me but while playing the background made my eyes go a little cross-eyed! XD No worries though, I'll screw them back in straight! Loved the game and I hope to see more~

failnaut responds:

Yeah, the background does tend to futz with people's vision - made me feel sick during a recent test, actually, so I may have to patch that soon. Glad you liked it!

I love this game.

failnaut responds:

Thank you! Happy to hear it!

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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
6:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other