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You are Hug Marine - a custom-built warrior forging your way through hostile alien territories in order to find the native life and hug the living hell out of it! GO HUG SOMETHING!

[dev note: this was my first game, made with Stencyl as part of a month-long game jam for complete noobsticks. enjoy!]

(By the way, if you like the music, it's all available over at my music section! Download, enjoy, etc!)


Any good platformer needs good controls, and this game has among the best controls in any flashgame I have ever played.

And the gameplay is very original!

Nice and with a very Crash Bandicoot'ish soundtrack!

The great shame about most art games is that they lack challenge.

You've created a competent and stylish platform game but the level design really lets it down.

I know, i get it, that you weren't trying to make a really tough game, but the experience and the message of the game are marred entirely by the straightforward nature of the gameplay. I wouldn't play it again, or recommend it particularly, because of this oversight.

All in all, it's really pretty, and you're obviously capable. Please come back with something really frustrating. Also, great music, really great, but please include a mute button.

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I agree with Zaghrog. Please do not add checkpoints. It would ruin the "fear of death" feeling I had when I played the game. When you know that you should not make any mistakes or elswhere you are in burning lava (is there lava under water?) you start to concentrate on the game. You give a thought to every move and jump you make. If checkpoints are being added... Well I would just jump and run like a maniac because I know that if I die, I'll spawn somewhere near. The game isn't too hard to complete without dying. If I managed to do it, I bet others can do it aswell.

Liked the game. I'll give it four stars. 3 stars from the game and one star from the creepy music!

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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
6:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other