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Taco-Man Safety Tips 2

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Author Comments

Taco-Man helps two kids with a stranger.




funny but it seems u have gone from politically incorrect ( which we all loved : ) ) to a little bit disturbing maybe u can rag on romney a little 4/5

Samination responds:

I've dropped all the political humor because it's devisive and has an terrible shelf life. Plus, I'm just not really into politics anymore.

animation its stranger and crazy =S

Samination responds:

I'm trying to emulate the Superfriends cartoons from the 70's. Do a youtube search for Superfriends PSA and you'll see what I mean.

I didn't care that much for this. It just seems like it's one joke, Taco-Man giving bad advice. Interestingly enough, I heard that stranger danger really isn't that bad. The animation just seems off in this. It still seems like something you drew from awhile ago and thus the quality isn't that good. I guess it's not that bad, it's just kind of noticeable compared to some of your newer stuff.

It's weird how you included links to other stuff in a Newgrounds animation. It's still kind of funny to see Taco-Man as a lousy superhero. You'd think he'd be able to help people with his flying. It's impressive you got a Daily Feature for this, when I really didn't find it that good. Well, good for you at least.

Samination responds:

This was all new animation made to look old. You may be overthinking the video? Maybe step back and just try to enjoy it for what it is? It makes sense when you are analyzing a studio tv show or movie, but this is just something made by one regular guy. I'm not against criticism, but it just feels like people tend to pick everything apart and can't simply enjoy anything anymore. It's just a short, fun cartoon with a simple premise.

I wouldn't recommend showing this to schools, they would watch this and fall for it. Lives will be missed and probably don't know who they are nor care about them...except for families that have non-intelligent children. Safety tips are helpful and children should know to watch out for psychopaths and take free rides from people in your neighborhood. Plus I want see or hear what you think about gun safety. Just think it maybe interesting.

Samination responds:

Not sure how funny a gun episode would be. :P

I think you should really work for quality instead of quantity, ebolaworld. I mean, the one joke in this short cartoon is funny but it would have been much better if you just worked on one long project and delivered some quality content rather than producing these fast-paced, sorta funny shorts.

Although that's just my suggestion; if I had to talk about this specific short I would say it was dry, not much comedy involved in it, and there were just so many predictable moments involved. Really, the only joke here was that Taco Man "introduced" two kids to a stranger and its ironic because you would expect a safety tips hero to help people out, not place them with questionable people. But knowing Taco Man who always makes backwards decisions, there wasn't much room for hilarity as the joke was easily expected.

Personally, I find the Game Master/Messed Up Bible series to be much better and feel like you should just invest your time in those.

Samination responds:

I do work on a lot of longer cartoons, but I enjoy making shorter ones sometimes. These are spoofs of the Superfriends PSA's which were also very short. It's not that im trying to just pump out a bunch of content. Im just enjoying making them whenever I'm in the mood.

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Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
4:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody