AeonCore Arena

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AeonCore Arena is a PVP multiplayer combat game. Choose your enemy and fight with him with 16 different attacks and lot of weapons.
Fight with other real players around the world with this combat turn-based game.
You can buy items in the shop, like capsules, new weapons, armors, new attacks, etc.

Choose an enemy and fight!. Attack pressing the Attacks icons, and wait your turn again

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"Accept" button on Nick name screen, isn't working for me...

game feels too easy. i dont think im fighting other players. just AI's

* Glitch on the colour bars of the creation screen, the slider gets "stuck" on the cursor following it around.
* Glitch on the icon showing who's turn it is, icons stack up like a pile of photographs, it's not very helpful.
* The level-up leaves me completely baffled as to how exactly my char is affected. Also, it pops in... mid-combat. While I'm being attacked. Kinda puts you in a spot where you stress out and randomly select something, to get it away. Not cool. Oh and, there's no "forfeit fight" option, from what I saw.
* No explanation for anything whatsoever, other than "Fight". Figured one attack was paralysis, one attack was poison, one was direct attack... the other, no idea. No idea how strong each attack is, what its strength is, what its weakness is, and same goes for selectable characters.
* On the "combat log", I've no idea what to make of things like "+ -1 defense". Is it +1? -1? Is it an imaginary number? Beats me.
* Complete lack of sound really hurts immersion.
* Even though I can completely understand the urge for very brief turns (no one wants to wait forever, much less in a multiplayer beat'em up), it's really not working.

Don't get me wrong: I think it's a good effort (I try to avoid writing reviews for games I find utterly crap), and I like the concept of "no 43432432 backstories, just pick a fighter and fight some random stranger" concept. And I like the simple character and background graphics, too (apart from the ui graphics, those are pretty bad :/ ) I just think it needs a LOT more work.

Game wont work! every time I kill someone and it tells me im leveling up and gaining coins I go back to look at my players stats and nothing has changed and I gained no coins .

really good game but the experience is glitched and the money is glitched but still, good game!

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2.68 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
11:18 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS