Fat Cat

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Play as both the owl and the pussy cat in this frantic puzzle shoot-em-up! Control the Owl with your mouse and the Cat with the arrow keys.


nice ! the graphics are great as always the game is fun and can be played with a friend that can control the fat cat i like it !

aces!! i especially love the musics of nitrome games :)

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I only played up to level 4 but I think that's enough for me to write this. I love the idea of this game; I didn't think using the mouse and WASD would work in-sync but I got used to the concept quite fast. What a super owl that is, too. Gotta say, love the music & graphics too.

Frankly, I think the reviewers' opinions of this game were jaded because they were frustrated at losing.

The controls were smooth and coding was nice, no bugs. There's a sprite-retro style artwork that seems entirely unique and self-created. Ambient music and sound effects complemented the retro theme. All the features were there (i.e. mute, pause, etc.)

More importantly, I love the concept! The game design was clearly driven by the dynamic of using both mouse and keyboard (all the puzzles/obstacles and power-ups). It's a unique idea, very creative, and the game made it work; it was fun to play, challenging but rewarding.

I think varying the gameplay element would help add dynamics to the game-- but then again that might go against the simple retro style.

It's not a super-addicting game but I had to write this review to defend the game from lambasting tooks who don't know good game design when they see it.

Really awesome game. I love top down shooters, and this is a very pretty, original one. My only complaint is that you can't control the cat's movement with the AWSD buttons instead of the directional buttons. My laptop only has an internal mouse in the center of it, and I'm right handed, so I basically have to cross hands to control the cat... Otherwise, though, this is a top notch game!

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3.92 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2012
5:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight