Escape from Puppy Factory

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No self-respecting space dog would fail to answer a distress bark from the surface of a ruined planet. Puppies are in danger! Rescue them all as you rearrange the planet's surface with your swap-gun, a device that allows you to trade places with pieces of the world around you. Build bridges, block lasers, and uncover a sinister plot that we promise isn't completely given away by the title. Sound like a brain twister? Sure, but if a dog can do it...


LOVE THE GAME complete it and stayed up playing :D love a puppehs oh btw i collected every puppeh :3

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Whoa. Just, whoa.

Ok, I quite like metroid-platform-exploring games, but this one was incredible!
The music was amazing, very catchy and fun (and lol @ "In the hall of the Mountain King" in the mountains part).
Graphics were pretty nice, the animation of the lasers was a pretty nice effect.
Gameplay was easy to learn but challenging as the game goes on (although it was pretty annoying that sometimes the swap gun kinda jammed; maybe my keyboard isn't good friends with pressing two arrows and space at the same time).
It was nice to have a map with all the puppies; maybe it would have been too hard otherwise.
Boss was epic (if someone's reading, go through all the game, it's worth it!)
There don't seem to be any bugs in the game (other than the gun "jamming", and a weird one I found on the chain explosion thing in which you die spontaneously if you don't do anything).
Time bonus? Did I get a time bonus after 5 hours playing?

And the story is a bit sad, with earth exploding and all humans dead... but well, at least the puppies are saved.

(P.S.: there are no shock waves in outer space... otoh, considering that this game is about a dog that pilots a spaceship and has a swap gun, I don't think such a tiny detail is really important)

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This game is great! I was about to leave a review wishing the game had a map but then I pressed enter and boom there's the map. Hard, inventive puzzles *but not too hard*.

I do hope I get a chance to revisit upper areas though because I seem to have gone down quite a long distance leaving some puppies up above.

One thing, it would be nice if there was a key to turn the puppy around without moving him. It gets a bit finicky sometimes trying to get him faced in the right direction without moving him off the square he needs to be on.

nice game

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A Dog Version OF Nyan Cat???
But Nice Game Hahahah!!!

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4.15 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2012
10:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle