A Moment Late

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A Story of a older man, sitting in a park. He can see things in the park that reminds him of his older life, and of the losses that he has taken.
Note: This is my first ever flash video that I had to do for school. Just wanted to upload it so I could show family and friends. The main point of the video is the meaning behind it, the strong emotional ties that people can share with it, not as much as the actual animation skills.


You did well matching the music to the scenes, and the emotion was excellent. My only complaint would be the animation, btu you know already that you have much to learn there. You've done very well, and I look forward to more from you.

i really like the idea
when you get better at animating
remake it

Jer08k2 responds:

Already planning on it! Thanks!

dang, its like... terrible... yet, amazing at the same time. the animation wasnt good, but the story was very well made. you definitely get five stars from me just cause you can put together an amazing script! the music was amazing as well! would you mind telling me what soundtrack it came from? or what the name of the song is?

Jer08k2 responds:

Thanks for the response! I love feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it. My animation is not very good as some say below which is very true but I only hope to get better. I wrote out the entire thing and organized before making it, always good with a structure! Anyways, thanks for the response! It helps! And that goes for all the others, even the negative ones. I tried putting my heart into this and so I hope people enjoy.

Also, the song is called "The Inner Light". One of my favorites.

ya know,not very good drowings,but a touchy story.Not bad at all

fucking amazing you fucking bad ass dog

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2.80 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2012
8:55 AM EDT