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1HG: A Schoolboy Crush

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The conclusion of the trilogy (Hot Summer Nights->A Schoolgirl Fantasy->A Schoolboy Crush)...

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this was a long dragged out disappointment. That fighting thing was abysmal.

It's long and tedious. There's too much walking around, too much talking, you occasionally teleport, invisible walls will pop up and they can on occasion confuse you, as they were directions you were once able to go. The game is both confusing AND railroady at the same time, which is an awful combination. There's an awful fight minigame and if you lose, you start all over. I credit darksight1 for this guide on what to do for the fight

A-When Michael moves foward
D-Jump out of the way
S-To Duck
W-To Counter his Final blow

Also, right clicking will pause the game. Good way to avoid getting hit. Normally I do not condone cheating, but you will likely lose if you don't.

The ending doesn't feel worth it. Ann is kind of a bitch, but our protagonist isn't much better. If he liked her, he should have spoke up and saved me a shitload of trouble.

Why the fuck does it take 10 minutes of the fighting to get the ending where you lose? Holy shit this is tedious

This guy is a fucking troll of a game creator. He deliberately makes the minigames ridiculously difficult, then have the characters mock you if you mess up. That, or he's just a shitty programmer.

Great game awesome story HATE the fight
I mean I won the fight all i had to do was don't even try to fight skip all the dialogues except when Michael calls you Lou then I just kept watching his attacks until his last one then i just spammed W

P.S.-The Cut scene when you lose is better than the winning one and i think Anne's to bitch just saying

A-When Michael moves foward
S-To Duck
W-To Counter his Final blow
Hope this is helpful

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2012
1:33 AM EDT