Black Chick in FInland

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Just a black chick walking around the streets of Finland trying not to get disgusted by the old, bald, stupid, ugly, pale and fat fucks that the FInns are. Music by the almighty Falonefal.


how the FUCK did you make it to the novice round?

Catoblepas responds:

By doind shit the different way.

I just have to wonder what gave the author this thought that all finns are like this as this flash depicts. Sure there are fatsoes, baldies, old people and all that here, but then again, I would like to see a place where isn't fat, old, bald and stupid people at all. But man this flash gives a totally absurd and ridiculously wrong image of Finland. I can't even describe how wrong and stupid this is. Im sorry but I have to say that I find this flash utterly racistic and an absolute piece of trash. This is just horrible, or even beyond that. Sheesh.
And if this was meant to be somekind of joke or something then Im sorry to say but I didn't find this funny or even amusing AT ALL.

Catoblepas responds:

wah. the finns are some of the most privileged people in the world, don't make fun of them

bad animation and racist. im finnish and were nothing like that .if that was a joke, make the animation better

Very well done!

im sorry, i find this offensive. i know a lot of people from finland norway and sweden. and ill clear the rumors out.

norwegians -
girls - scale of 1-10... an average of 8, which to be realistic, i bet 9/10 of you will openly admit that you're most likely dating a 6.
guys - they all look like thor from the recent movie. ranging in different sizes of muscley huge

sweds -
the guys have a strange turn, they range from burly bad asses/lumber jack lookin monsters... to looking like norwegian girls... go figure?
the girls are as strange as the guys, however, they all have gorgeous faces, just different body sizes, from cream dream forever, to "are you stuffing pillows down your pants hunny?"

finnish -
guys - pretty short and stalkey, generally wide but super friendly guys
girls - the hottest of hot from any of those fantasy crazy animes... like the female god hand from berzerk? twisted and wicked evil right? but you know you'd hit it. this fact is proven on how i met your mother, known as the crazy-hot scale. finnish girls are crazier than crack.

over all... i liked the music... and uhm... the silly animation of the tits bouncing around kinda amused me, suggestion, posting racist things kills the animation 2, even tho some of the funniest play on stereotypes and racism... your "disclaimer" ruined any chance for that....

Catoblepas responds:

Why are you talking about Swedish and Norwegian people?

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Jun 3, 2012
7:43 AM EDT
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