Black Chick in FInland

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Just a black chick walking around the streets of Finland trying not to get disgusted by the old, bald, stupid, ugly, pale and fat fucks that the FInns are. Music by the almighty Falonefal.



Karri, your creativity never ceases to amaze me and it's a shame that most of the stuff you submit gets such low scores. Now, on with the review...

When it comes to the animation, it's still as solid and smooth as ever. However, the walk cycles in the first two scenes are off: the tits bounce while she's at the crest and drop at the low point. Then again, the woman in question is drawn great unlike those drawn by the Perfect Kirby guys. (Yet again, Richie draws the ugliest women I have seen.) I wouldn't mind seeing hentai with that character sometime. As for the music, Raped by Clowns is a great example of quixotic torture music and fit with the surreal nature of this loop. Finally, the content is one of the better looping cartoons I've seen. The legions of fat people were worthy of a couple chuckles, but you couldn't include your brand of explicitness due to NATA rules. It may not be as funny as Dance of the Manwhore or Baboon Anal Love, but still good none-the-less.

What's good:
-Mostly great art and animation
-Somewhat original
-Sardonically catchy music
-Reasonable filesize

What's not so good:
-Her walk cycle looks off in the first two scenes
-The fact that it's a loop
-Could have been funnier

Overall: Cato, here's a nine and I'll continue to look forward to more of your stuff.

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E for everyone?

I so love the colors you use man. I liked the music, it seems to really fit. Good stuff all around.

And those violet dicks in her hands? What about them?
Great ass animation.

Catoblepas responds:

Yeah she's strolling around the streets with dildoes in her hands. I had to think of something for her to carry with her, and dildoes came into my mind first.

I don't appreciate this flash. There is no plot, the audio could be changed to something less annoying, it's a little profane, minor racism, and plenty of stereotypical ideas embedded within it. The motion was fluid, animation decent. I hope that you turn out work that is... not of this nature.

- Fish are Friends, not Food -

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Catoblepas responds:

Then it is not a flash worth of your while, apparently.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2012
7:43 AM EDT
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