Black Chick in FInland

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Just a black chick walking around the streets of Finland trying not to get disgusted by the old, bald, stupid, ugly, pale and fat fucks that the FInns are. Music by the almighty Falonefal.


A work of art, no doubt but it ultimately left me with some penetrating questions.
For example, how came black chick to be in Finland? What is her purpose, her motivation, surely such a strange heroin must have some important background.

I must also state the fact that all of the finnish are bald, save one accursed woman with pancake breasts. Why has this happened? Has their poor health led to hair loss?
Are these questions connected to the ominous 'ravintola laski'? Restaurant Fell? Or is this a poor interpretation brought on by the incompetence of our machines?

And finally i must point to what appears to be weights that black chick carries, on closer examination something much more sinister comes to mind.
Your tantalizing show of adventure has left me a bit bewildered. I feel a pulling tug taking me closer and closer to this ubiquitous land of mysteries.

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Catoblepas responds:

The black chick is delivering purple dildoes, but can't find the location. The woman with pancake breasts wasn't bald. The 'Ravintola Läski', translated 'Restaurant Fat' is the restaurant chain that has cursed all the finns to eat there every day of the week. Maybe they've addicted everybody with some secret ingredient in their fatty foods? Only the sequels will tell...

Why does she keep walking in a circle?!?!? Also 3.5 stars for the music.

Well, this was somewhat mesmerizing.

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"It was very bad, not because it's badly animated just because I'm fat AND Finnish and I find your vision of this great GREAT country very stupid. Also I can't fap at this because the audio was very annoying, Ig your make sexy animation with BIG BOOBS N SHIT don't include bad music, we can't focus and appreciate those huge boobs n' ass."

lmao I think your PM box will explose with all the messages of hate you will have with this movie.

Catoblepas responds:

can't believe the amount of people offended about insulting finns

The only thing good about this; is that the music slightly got me going. Then, I realized I was watching a racist loop then the music wore off. Sorry to say man, this folf frowns upon this.

Catoblepas responds:

Still zero explanations how this is racist.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2012
7:43 AM EDT
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