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Inept politicians want to invade your privacy with their mighty CISPA satellite! Will you rally your allies to defeat CISPA?

**This game contains petitions to shut down CISPA! Whether you win, lose, or just look at the title screen, please sign the petitions and share this game!**


Takes some time to beat but it's fun.I don't have anything bad to say about the game.

Dude it doesn't matter they'll do it whether it's legal or not and this game blows and CIPSA thing isn't a threat. It's technology being used to control us. It controls us now Tv,Computers,Music devices they control us all dont deny it.

VersusCoop responds:

There's a difference between using a tool and being controlled by it. Some of us can still walk to a library and check out a book, operate a pay phone, use a bus or train, hand-write and mail a letter, brew beer, etc. It is far more convenient to use digital technology, but the fallibility of it is that it can be accessed far more readily than a piece of paper on my desk. Digital information becomes more readily accessible if CISPA passes, though, and that is not something anybody should want.

As for your lack of appreciation for this short retro-style game meant to drive users towards an end objective of signing petitions, clearly there's enough high ratings to reinforce that your opinion is not unanimous.

Game is almost as bad as CISPA.

VersusCoop responds:

Make a better game to oppose CISPA and release it before it is voted on again. We dare you. :)

Game is repetitive and lengthy but unchallenging. Add stages or more bosses or something, anything to add more content. Trying to stick an "anti-CISPA" label on this game doesn't make it any better, and doesn't make my vote on it any better either.

VersusCoop responds:

Thanks for your input.

We certainly hope you don't support CISPA, it is bad for basically everyone.

More content was planned, but cut due to the fact that CISPA is such an immediate threat.

I really liked the cause that the game is supporting, and I liked the attacks that CISPA had. I also liked how I didn't have to fight alone, and that there were different weapons. The only negative things I can say are: maybe have other things to kill, and shorten the time it took to kill CISPA. Maybe have ACTA, SOPA, and CISPA in one game. You could have made Cispa the final and hardest boss compared to Sopa and Acta :) But all in all great game.

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VersusCoop responds:

Thanks for the input! ACTA is actually more of a threat, because it is international, but the immediate nature of CISPA is why we chose to design the game for CISPA and release it now. We may yet revisit this game for ACTA, and add the features that were cut so it will be more fun and diverse.

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3.18 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2012
1:17 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed