test "nivi"

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im glad to see the respons and more,
and yes i do read everyting.

controls: keybord arrows!
PLEASE READ: this is more like an test.
this is my first game as well,
theres only 3 maps.
i have yet not fully understand how to use stencyl, but its going forward.

hopefully i will make an full game of this in future
or i'll just start an new projekt.

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i love its ambiance


Graphics :I personally love the graphics they remind me of limbo and the art is somehow original and mysterious it make the game interesting 4/5 for good art but too repetitive

Gameplay :EVEN if it is a test I think it could be better the main character seems blanc it has no story no way of knowing where are you going and especially why am I here what's the point of me being here 3/5

Controls: very simple but quite dodgy as for jumping you need to make it maybe go faster when you fall or jump higher if you hold up little things that make the game feel better. Maybe if you implement new thing you will get the desired concept and also a story (see gameplay) that can be achieved trough some items or other characters 2/5 for controls

Sound: Very very bad the jump sound is annoying and too repetitive and since you jump a lot in this game it starts to get on your nerves maybe if you get different jump sounds and make them randomly start when I jump you may get some better reviews for sounds. Not going to rate for because it's a god damn test but you really need 2 work on it

BUGS: (these will not in anyway change the end result BUT need to be fixed in upcoming patches)
I seem to be able to go trough some walls and be very simple for me to cheat sometime the texture is bigger than the wall box and it's just weird how I can get stuck in the boxes
You need to make walls that you can go trough with a different texture maybe a bit lighter so I know when I need to fall to another floor.

Overall I give this test a 3/5 for encouragement but it really needs work

I like this al ot! I think the graphics are fine and moody, the controls are a little clunky (especially jumping), but overall this is a very nice concept! I hope to see more of your work!

It has potential, but needs some work. To start, make it easier to jump onto platforms. I frequently bumped the character's head on the bottom of the next platform.

Also, fix the height of the character relative to the platforms.

For instance, in the room with the box that looks like it has an X on it, the character got stuck, but repeated attempts to cross eventually allowed me to pass.

In all, fix bugs, and make it more interesting (add enemies/story/puzzles/mechanic).

Good luck.
The art is okay, but it is kind of grainy.

Good for a test has a lot of potential but the graphics are ok its just they look way too low in quality.

P.S.Not to be a grammar natzi because I am not good with grammar but "an new" and "an full" replace an with a only use an if the next letter sounds like or is a vowel.

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Jun 2, 2012
10:08 AM EDT
Adventure - Other