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Alrighty! Finally ready to submit! (For the most part XD")

Well this has kinda taken me a...YEAR.. to do. Due to my lack of time and...laziness. I have always wanted to create an animated series with these characters. I've had them since I was about 12 ish? Some belong to YoshikoFuru of coarse <3

This I would say is my first real try at animating, and I defiantly learned A LOT. I now know tons of dues and don't s. I am still frustrated with a lot of this animation, I found is very difficult to find the right sound effects and soundtracks to go with this. That is something major I plan to work on, on ep 2... when ever I finish that.

I do wanna thank all the voice actors that participated in this! You gave life to the characters! Thank you ^//u//^

Also I know it may be confusing at the end... but it will become clear in ep 2. When it comes out.... so until then be confused XD""

But ha-whell... now ya get to watch another "Anime" series. Hope you like!

P.S Here is the dialogue for the middle section. I understand that the text may be to fast

We are humans that contain demon spirits within in our bodies. Everyone is fighting for control over KikenâEU¦ especially Gin. He has been trying to take over YuuâEUTMs third of the island and might prevail. Yuu, Gin, and Renki are the only leaders we have, we have to make sure that our forces are stronger. HeâEUTMs a sinister leader. He takes people who have been taken over by their âEUoeBirth DemonsâEU beyond there point of control. We canâEUTMt let Kiken be over run by the likes of him kai!
much time... we... "live" till about 21.We must protect Yuu! We must protect our territory!


Right it was okay.

I feel that there is a lot wrong with it though.

Firstly, on the loading screen, with Kai grinning and a light shining over his eyes... You notice the white dot flicker above his right eye when this happens yeah?

Now that might seem like a tiny detail but these little things persist throughout the whole flash. It's like you just need to go round and polish certain bits of animation.

I can understand your desire to submit this after working on it for a year, and well done for the hard work you've put in, but you shouldn't ever settle. Don't be content with a piece of work that you know you could make better if you made that final push, rather than limping over the finish line.

The voice acting was good, in that it was believable (sort of), but the quality of recording let it down.

At one point, Kyle's voice simply stopped and we were left with subtitles to explain the story (about how they have to guard the territory for the 3 bosses, or something). I see you've kindly written that bit of dialogue down in the Author's comments, but why is there no voice acting for that part?

The animation was okay, I can tell that a lot of effort has been put into it, and as you use flash more, you'll discover and develop techniques that will allow you to do so much more with seemingly less effort.

This pieces gives off a "Work in progress" feel, and I can't really give you a fair score because your hardwork has been undone by untidy animation and imcomplete dialogue. The plot is fine, I mean, it's interesting and I look forward to seeing how the story unravels. I just want to enjoy it, and not feel like it's a chore to watch.

I really look forward to more from you, keep up the hard work.

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sweetyluli responds:

Well said. And you're right it is still unploshed. I hope not to repeat that in EP 2.

How in the fucking HELL did this get almost 5 stars? The sound quality was terrible and the voice acting was just descent to say the least. The animation was smooth but the visual quality as well as the audio quality seriously need work. But this animation DEFINATELY did not deserve almost 4 stars.

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sweetyluli responds:

Sad sauce man *3* Unfortunately I've seen things worse than this get a higher score. I think it sits fine at a score of 4.

1st the animation flaw that i noticed was the mouth animation it was executed poorly.
2nd some of the characters are extremely typical some are unique but not very appealing to look at.
3rd Don't you think that guy with the sharp teeth somewhere at the beginning look like the guy with sharp teeth from Naruto?
4th ... Cat ears? Seriously? I don't think it suits the poor guy.
5th The animation is quite pathetic in my eyes I can see some anatomy errors and I myself ain't good at anatomy! Get some lessons on anatomy and you'll go far.
6th The voice at the beginning is way too quiet
7th And that guy from the beginning is kinda demonic I understand that but his design is way too typical.
8th the beginning part with Kai is also typical where he is all lazy
9th The music is alright sounds like something from a movie.
10th The subtitles are unclear your backgrounds overwhelm it with it's brightness.
11th the story I don't get it I missed out a lot of things because of your little subtitles but you said it will be explained in time so I guess i can wait.

I praise you for going for frame by frame as most newgrounders know that is really hard.
The camera angles were decent enough for me to say like a anime...
And finally I'd like to thank you for your hard work!

sweetyluli responds:

No cat ears *3*. But yeah I'll work on improvement in all areas.

Terrible music ! I barely could listen to it ! Voice acting was on some parts terrible too ! I could not hear what they were saying, then I turned my speakers up, but my ears started to bleed after the one of them was screaming. Drawings and animation were good, but the storyline seemed totally boringâEU¦sorry :( I didnâEUTMt saw anything interesting here that would keep me watching your second episode.

sweetyluli responds:

Well shit... :/

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Jun 2, 2012
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