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Alrighty! Finally ready to submit! (For the most part XD")

Well this has kinda taken me a...YEAR.. to do. Due to my lack of time and...laziness. I have always wanted to create an animated series with these characters. I've had them since I was about 12 ish? Some belong to YoshikoFuru of coarse <3

This I would say is my first real try at animating, and I defiantly learned A LOT. I now know tons of dues and don't s. I am still frustrated with a lot of this animation, I found is very difficult to find the right sound effects and soundtracks to go with this. That is something major I plan to work on, on ep 2... when ever I finish that.

I do wanna thank all the voice actors that participated in this! You gave life to the characters! Thank you ^//u//^

Also I know it may be confusing at the end... but it will become clear in ep 2. When it comes out.... so until then be confused XD""

But ha-whell... now ya get to watch another "Anime" series. Hope you like!

P.S Here is the dialogue for the middle section. I understand that the text may be to fast

We are humans that contain demon spirits within in our bodies. Everyone is fighting for control over KikenâEU¦ especially Gin. He has been trying to take over YuuâEUTMs third of the island and might prevail. Yuu, Gin, and Renki are the only leaders we have, we have to make sure that our forces are stronger. HeâEUTMs a sinister leader. He takes people who have been taken over by their âEUoeBirth DemonsâEU beyond there point of control. We canâEUTMt let Kiken be over run by the likes of him kai!
much time... we... "live" till about 21.We must protect Yuu! We must protect our territory!


Really good. Always like Anime-Themed serieses on Newgrounds.

Can't wait to see more!

sweetyluli responds:

There aren't enough XD! So here I coommmee XD

I like the animation style but some things really need some working on.
- the voiceover track in the beginning/intro needs to be a lot louder - it's almost uncomprehensible under the music
- the subtitles are not always in their space and sport some unlucky coloring sometimes (e.g. the description of the three leaders - grey font on grey background)

i give you a four due to the great animation and the work you gave for it.
although you need to work a little on the timing and the voicing
other than that it was enjoyable

How in the fucking HELL did this get almost 5 stars? The sound quality was terrible and the voice acting was just descent to say the least. The animation was smooth but the visual quality as well as the audio quality seriously need work. But this animation DEFINATELY did not deserve almost 4 stars.

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sweetyluli responds:

Sad sauce man *3* Unfortunately I've seen things worse than this get a higher score. I think it sits fine at a score of 4.

I really would have liked to give you a straight four or higher but you need to work on making the voices more clearer or louder I could hear the music but the voices sorta sounded muffled at times, and you need to make your animation smoother and more fluid. Sorry but when a character makes a move to do something and it cuts right to the end of the move it looks bad (I hope this makes sense). I hope you continue further in you animations and this series if anything I would like to see your stuff advance more cause I see some potential. Good luck.

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2012
4:43 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place June 3, 2012