Guns, Rain and Zombies

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Take control of a small army of professional soldiers, help them keep your base safe by organizing defense, building barricades and buying upgrades. Survive and help your people to survive, too. 5 kinds of soldiers, 5 kinds of barricade blocks and 18 types of different upgrades are waiting for you. Meat, blood, destructions, pain and real-time rating are inside!


It was pretty good but the reload system seems bugged. Often when I hit reload nothing happens and I have to press the button a few times to make the defender's reload. Honestly it would be better if they reloaded automatically. I cant imagine any soldier who would open fire and then wait for his commander to tell him to reload while a Zombie is currently chewing on his leg.

"Hmm This zombie is chewing on me, but the Commander hasn't told me to reload yet, I'll just wait and see what happens. Perhaps it will go away."

Apart from that it was fun.

KraboGames responds:

Thank you but actually the soldires reload automatically(when gun is empty and before the next wave). Reload button is an additional option.

Good idea, but the gameplay (in my opinion) is a little rough.
Reasons why:

Money is hard to come by.
-Zombies should drop some more money, since I only received $10 - $25 every kill.
-Upgrades are VERY expensive and require a lot of time to earn, and when you have enough, the zombies are extremely difficult to defeat.

Having a lot of fire power ends the game quickly.
-Just hitting a zombie once, with any weapon, knocks them back a bit, but with a lot of them, it stops them from coming back so you cannot be hit.
-I prefer games to last a while with a challenge that can be handled with some difficulty, but is possible. This game is too easy if you have all the people.

Barricades don't do much.
-They just run at barricades and just stand there.

Zombies are not that smart.
-Maybe allow us to make a maze of some sort?
-Zombies run into walls and die easily.

Overall rating:

Graphics are 9/10
Blood is not ridiculous for a human 10/10
Little effort to complete when resources are easy to obtain, challenges are easy 6/10
No backstory or main characters to follow by 4/10
Gets boring after a while 3/10
No player interaction at all, maybe let us shoot zombies as well 2/10

Rating Score: 3

KraboGames responds:

Thank you for a great feedback!

I like it, nothing too new or original, but it is still a great tower defense game.

KraboGames responds:

Thankx, I'm glad

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3.08 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2012
8:42 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense