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Pink vs blue?

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Man vs woman?


"Do you want marry me" Speechless

A sweet and sour combination, in its opposite. To expect a fight I got a flight, to expect happiness I got sadness. To get satisfaction I got mediocrity.

unoriginal and boring

It's okay, it was kind of funny just because they look like they are getting ready to fight...
I think you should try and use more than one sound throughout though.

First off the flash is a bit on the short side, if its your first animation not bad work a bit more at it though.
Secondly, the title and Author Comments is a bit misleading having me believe this was going to be another stick fighting flash movie. Took me a bit by surprise, and I was halfway expecting the blue stick (the man) to pull out a weapon or something and fight the pink stick (the woman).

Outside that, could work a bit more on making the entire thing flow a bit more smoothly, and a nice plot/story would be wonderful. So keep practicing and get better at it.

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1.73 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2012
5:23 PM EDT