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Tome Sweet Tome

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Tome Sweet Tome is an awesome game that really puts your skills to the test! Go from level to level running, jumping and avoiding all sorts of dangers such as spikes and exploding blocks! Make sure you read along to the ridiculous story in between levels! Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Good luck!

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Great music! Great art! Having achievements is cool but not using the NG Medal system is not. I love how the jump is a flip. The SFX are an okay quality but could be a bit better. The level design is pretty good so far. Lags quite a bit which makes even the easiest of levels difficult. The buttons aren't as responsive as I'd like. Sometimes the blocks just explode whenever they feel like it which makes me feel cheated out of victory. My final thing is FUCK TOME 17.

This is meant to be more of a platformer then a puzzle game and I love platformers the art design is deliborate and the sound design isn't grinding on the ears

the puzzles are to simple .

cute and simple :)

I like the game. The only real problem I had with it was when you would push boxes onto switches in some levels they would slide extremely far requiring me to move the box extremely slowly to place it on the switch. If possible, fix that. Other than that, the exploding boxes, to me, exploded a bit too fast. Maybe instead of exploding boxes they could be falling boxes that fall off the screen. That way the platform would stay just a bit longer. And with that I leave you with a little poem I came up with.

I liked this game quite a bit. In fact, I think it should be a hit! With tight controls and levels galore, what more could the player ask for? This game makes me feel alive. Therefore I give it a 3.5.