Jelly Escape

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How quickly can you escape? Are you able to do tight moves? Now it's up to you helping it escape! Run through great challenging levels, discovering lots of new features, and collect all the energy to unlock bonus levels and jellies!

Since the beginning, there has always been a need for entertainment. With the purpose of supplying this need, Jellies are born... In this world, creatures grow with only one objective in mind: Escaping.

- Over 50 levels
- Over 15 bonus levels
- 18 unlockable Jelly skins
- Set jelly all over the place!
- Special guest jellies from famous games!
- Unlockable original sound track for download!
- Amazing victory celebrations!
- You gonna want to eat those tasty jellys! But don't!


great game. every skin was a character from a game i played, beat, 100%'d, loved, etc.

music: epicness
graphics: retro epicness (reminds me of my zzt and mzx days)
gameplay: smooth responsive and fun
difficulty: incredibly easy. still rewarding for the experience. but i don't really think a game should be so easily 100%'d.

one complaint: when the game loses focus and you click back in to unpause, the click penetrates through and interacts with something in game.

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I slammed my keyboard and had rage fits. I cried, laughed and contemplated tossing my laptop out a window. Good job sir..... Not sure if it was my laptop or the game but certain areas lagged like crazy and sometimes the music got on my nerves but there is an off function which is nice.

I haven't even finished this game and I can tell it's awesome. I can't think of anything bad to say: It was challenging, fun, fresh and a good story to it.

This was a pretty fun game, and a good time waster, the only real complaint is that my "energy collected" amount stopped at 133%, it bothers me because I gathered all the energy in every level, including the Twitter and Facebook levels, and it just seems like a weird number to stop on. Unless I am missing something?

Other than that I feel you did a very nice job on this game, there wasn't any one level that I couldn't complete but several of them did give me a challenge, the music felt like it belonged and the graphics were not an eye sore, all great things!

ooo! a jelly game! now doing challenge/special levels and trying to get all the energy/power so i can get all the skins. awesome game btw!

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4.13 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2012
4:00 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other