BEEBO part 11

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Can it be? Yes, yes it is! BEEBO!!! This is the 11th installment (well 12th counting the Xmas Special) of one of Newgrounds' most beloved series. This episode features the largest cast of characters and voice actors. The quality has improved marginally over the years! The humor hasn't! Enjoy!

Front page, shit yeah!


I think this might not be as good as your previous installments, but this was still really nice. What I really like is how you have this crazy style of animation. Dude, every celebrity died in the past couple of years. Anyway, it was great to see Beebo back even if he didn't do much. Of course, cats really don't do that much except meow and stuff. It was funny to see those dumb looking cartoon characters get stabbed and shot up.

Come on, they just look so stupid they deserve it. The voice work is as good as ever. It really did make you wonder who the killer was and I wasn't expecting Patrick Swayze. I praise the nonsensical nature of this, always good in an NG submission. I don't know who most of these live action faces belong to.

fabulous999 responds:

Politicians, serial killers, random strangers. I just pick random pictures of people usually.

I loved this. Beebo hasn't changed at all... the animation is terrible, the art is archaic, the voices are low quality, Beebo still speaks in stock library meows..... and I wouldn't have it any other way. This reminds me of ye olde days of NewGrounds in all their ridiculous, dumb, non-sequitorial glory. I hope you make some more soon... Thanks for a good ol' school laugh. =3

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Very nice. I was going to try score some hipster points by exclaiming "Beebo's back!!", making it clear that I had seen the earlier installments of the series, but it seems that's exactly what everyone else decided to do. I thus choose to point out everyone's blatant hipsterism, in an attempt to appear so incredibly hipster that being a hipster is too mainstream for me.

I liked the flash very much, regardless.

fabulous999 responds:

I never knew I contributed to hipsterism...

Ah, yes. Clue vs. Boggle. Which to play? A question that has plagued mankind for decades now. One that, if answered, would bring about the end of all global conflict as we know it.

Sadly, Beebo Pt. 11 Did not answer the question. So the world will go on being a raging shithole.

Normally, there is an expectation that an artist should improve over time. Hone their animation skills, voice skills, etc. I would venture a guess that many who viewed this without knowing Beebo lore would mention that in their reviews. But Beebo was lo-fi from the very get-go, and to make improvements in those technical skills would take away from the charm. Yet if you look and listen closely, you can see improvements in voice quality, the smoothness of the animation, and the drawing of the characters. Somehow you managed to keep the lo-fi vibe without those changes being so noticeable. If low-brow, misogynistic, insert-politically-incorrect-term-of-
your-choice humor and situations is capable of having charm.

Yet charm Beebo has, and charm this new episode has in spades. While the humor isnâEUTMt as fast, furious, or edgy as some of the previous installments (Xmas and the John McCain episodes comes to mind), thereâEUTMs a more deliberate pacing to the episode. I havenâEUTMt decided if that is good or bad, or if it just is and I should deal with it. I should just deal with it. Part of what makes âEUoeBeeboâEU work so well is that frentic, make-it-up-as-you-go feel. This installment does feel like more attention was paid to pacing, and scripting. And yes, the humor hasn't improved. Though in the case of Beebo, that is a plus worth of an extra star, in my own humble opinion.

Wait, did I just say that Beebo has charm? No, I am NOT getting soft in my old age, and neither is Beebo. Seeing this episode was better than having a pretty lady with britches looser than a Space Shuttle o-ring knock on my door, asking if she and her even prettier-lady friend can come in for an orgy. It was funny enough, entertaining enough, and clever enough to be the best thing I have seen on NG in quite some time. You sir packed more entertainment into 1.9 MB than packed into all of those 88 MB-sized flashes that sit atop the current all-time list.

All hail Beebo. Bow to the cat-master what has facial hair. Now I am going to do something I have NEVER doneâEU¦ buy a t-shirt depicting a NG character. Please say such things are available.

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fabulous999 responds:

Why yes, yes you can buy a t-shirt at murderfoot.spreadshirt.com . Very interesting you noticed the change in pacing, this is actually the ONLY episode that has ever had an actual full script, and it won't be the last. Part of the reason I had stopped doing episodes was from the trouble I had mid-way into production trying to make shit up as I went and wrap things up and end on a satisfying note. If you don't know where you're going with something it's easy to work yourself into a corner where it's a struggle to end. I think that's why there used to be so many cliff hangerish, to be continued type episodes, which I personally hate. I like things to wrap up into their own little nugget more or less, and that's what I want to do here on out. Thank you!

Harry sounds different than I'm used to. Somehow the super-clear recording quality doesn't lend itself well to the feel of the cartoon. Oh well, I guess things change as times pass. Still a great series, and I'm hoping we don't have to wait years for Episode 12: Harry Saves Wade Fulp.

fabulous999 responds:

The first few episodes were recorded on a tiny headseat microphone that was ripped in half and then sort of smashed back together with masking tape, and it still magically worked. All the recording was done on that old Windows recorder program that had no functionality beyond that. It had a charm to it but I'm not convinced improved clarity is a bad thing. I think Flash handles the audio differently too since then, so usually if the audio is funky it sounds like unforgivable dog shit and needs to be sorted out.

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Jun 1, 2012
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