BEEBO part 11

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Can it be? Yes, yes it is! BEEBO!!! This is the 11th installment (well 12th counting the Xmas Special) of one of Newgrounds' most beloved series. This episode features the largest cast of characters and voice actors. The quality has improved marginally over the years! The humor hasn't! Enjoy!

Front page, shit yeah!


I am glad beebo is back, my favourite Newgrounds series.
And I would like to say that I noticed that the movie ran at 12fps, with computers today thats not appropriate, because faster computers will see it fast and slow ones will see it normal (Because slow computers are good with that), because you started animating at were all the computers were slow you used 12fps I can see why you have done it, not a big problem just wanted to point it out.

But I keep coming back to this and watching it, mainly for the part were the the WWF shirt guy says "I HATE YOU" to the old guy, best part, this makes me laugh everytime.
Great to see it back :).

lol this is amazing :D i love it all those dead bodies ill take them ill give you five bucks for those dead bodies... oh wait there already out the window sry

saw each one when they came out,made this account recently so I could comment

Camo Ice XD that in itself is hilarious. Not bad, quirky, weird but I like that :P

fabulous999 responds:

You're not a man til' you've had two of those in one night.

While Beebo Part 11 might not be as good as some of its prequels, the retention of the celebrated original style, humor and animation makes it stand out in the Flash portal as a reminder of what truly constitutes a great Flash movie. By employing a distinct and consistent style, original humor, great narrative, superb voice acting, skilled use of sound effects and original characters fabulous999 has succeeded at the incredibly risky and difficult task of making a worthy sequel in the Beebo series.

Beebo Part 11 reminds us that there is a lot more to Flash movies than great or complex animation. Beebo is about delivering the complete package.

- naru

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fabulous999 responds:

I give this review a 5/5.

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Jun 1, 2012
3:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original