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BEEBO part 11

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Author Comments

Can it be? Yes, yes it is! BEEBO!!! This is the 11th installment (well 12th counting the Xmas Special) of one of Newgrounds' most beloved series. This episode features the largest cast of characters and voice actors. The quality has improved marginally over the years! The humor hasn't! Enjoy!

Front page, shit yeah!


What are you doing Beebo?



I love this series.

Thanks for adding a new episode!!!


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fabulous999 responds:

Thanks for watching!

How difficult was it, knowing and have learned what you have learned since prior Beebos, to maintain the Beebo look? Did you notice you were drawing better and have to downgrade quality? Swayze's voice was great. The range in deaths were funny. The toilet sounds...sooo detailed.

fabulous999 responds:

Everything I've learned has only helped. The biggest advantage now is I have a strong appreciation for organizing and planning. The old episodes were just kind of made up as I went, I'd never know how they would end til I ended them. Now I have less chance of getting stuck on an episode not knowing what to do with it. If you look at the later episodes compared to the earlier episodes you will notice a significant upward shift in quality, but not in ways that effect the core style. It's like if you look at old South Park vs. new South Park, you don't really think about it as looking different but the quality is higher in an appropriate fashion. In future episodes I plan on pushing the quality further in different ways that don't distract from the content and make it seem even more ridiculous. Swayze was voiced by a friend of mine, this is his first Beebo and first time voice acting I believe. I have fun with toilet SFX :D

lol... fuck you you smell chinese!!! lol ROFL

fabulous999 responds:

Glad you caught that, some people were having trouble hearing that line.

cool! i havent seen a new 1 i a long time! great work

fabulous999 responds:


It's good to see some old fashion Newgrounds comedy sweep up the general shittiness that the Flash portal has become subject too. I hope that this yields a callback to some of the old contributors and isn't just a one time deal.

I'm not going to critique the animation or the artwork because this is a series that was created with the intent of keeping artistic consistency all throughout thus leaving little room for improvement at all, so I'll just tackle technical issues instead.

Considering how the artwork and animation has to keep consistency all throughout the series & for that reason the Beebo series will easily become phased out as obsolete by comparison to new quality standards exampled by submissions such as the "There She Is!!!" series & anything produced by Zeurel along with occasional increments in capacity such as the website's file size limitations going from 10 megs to 20 that it'd be a smart idea to tackle the aspects other authors aren't with their content; the programming.

For example, I really wish there were a subtitle option because there are times where the characters can be perceived as unintelligible such as when Harry threw the garbage bag out the window & and proclaimed something like "This is not mine" or something to that effect. You could also make the subtitle system bilingual to broaden your audience.

Play, pause, rewind and forward controls would be nice too considering how the length of each Beebo episode can vary from episode to episode and members of the audience can be interrupted at any given time and having to start over from the beginning just to backtrack to the scene you left off at always sucks.

I noticed that your Ad hadn't been activated yet. Word of advice, it typically takes three days before the NG staff activate your CPMStar ad, so I suggest only submitting your SWF file between two to three days after you register the submission for ad approval, depending on how confident you are that your submission will take off the ground and end up on the front page or in the daily top five.

I really hope to see an upswing in Beebo submissions in the near future.

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fabulous999 responds:

Thanks for the advice.

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2012
3:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original