Cardboard Box Assembler

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Wrap your brain around the six sides of a cube in this disorienting puzzle game as you guide Melvin through his own mental breakdown. In a twisty 3D world where gravity is relative, Melvin must collect keys and gems to unlock increasingly confusing levels as he journeys into the darkest parts of his mind. For you that means more than 30 levels of sanity-bending platforming puzzles, and the satisfaction of helping the poor guy find himself.


Great puzzle game one of my favorites it has very interesting mechanics. 4/5

The production on this game is really good, but what else do you expect from AdultSwim? You guys are awesome. Still, the controls were a little unresponsive at times which made the game very difficult to get good scores on, -1 star for that but otherwise great!

This is cool game, it's pretty creative :)

After getting a poo at 100 in 3rd bonus level i ragequitted, but its great game :D really enjoyable

Flash got stuck when I completed the last level. After I forced ended the program and restarted the game ALL my progress was gone. Seeing I went OCD on the game as well and got everything perfect (under par times, crystals, bonus) until that last level. Even all the horrible levels on world 8. I suggest you make a better save system.

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3.96 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2012
3:31 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other