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Sewer Grate Wars

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Sewer Grate Wars is an arcade shooter in which you're a bad tiny happy alien that likes destroying human being!
Happy playing!

PRESS 'Z' to shoot!!

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Such a great game. I had great fun with this game.

I love the art style, suits the game. Loved the enemies was such a plain and simple game. Just how I like them. On the downside I found that the collisions where a bit to far away for my liking. What I mean is I couldn't get that shot in before the enemy hit the sewer water to negate me by five points. other then that it was such an addicting game I will be back to beat my high score.
Overall great game, great mechanics ,and beautiful art style. 4/5 stars.

Nice simple game. It's so simple yet so addicting.
And my only complaint is that this game doesn't have a pause feature. =P
Looking forward for your next game! =D

diyindustries responds:

Eheh!!! Thank you so much, I'm happy that you like it and I really didn't expect so many people liking it! :)
Onestly I didn't want you to pause the game, ahah! :)
Thanks for playing man!
I'm already working on my next game so stay tuned and visit my website for news :)
In the meantime I'll try to beat your score :D :D

I had a lot of fun with this game! As of 4:05 am June 2nd, I am second place. I was trying feverishly for 1st but those mud mines drive me INSANE! Why would you make a game so mean to it's players? What did I ever do to you?!

diyindustries responds:

Ahahah!! I'm happy that you liked it man! :)
Try beating your high score and keep in touch... soon I'll announce another game!

how do i shoot?

diyindustries responds:

Hi Tibolo! :)
Press 'Z' to shoot! :)