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Harry and Terry - Episode 1 - Terry Turns Thirty

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Episode #1 - "Terry Turns Thirty"

Harry & Terry is a three-minute animated cartoon that follows the every day lives of pals and co-workers Harry Hare and Terry Tortoise. Harry is a happy-go-lucky optimist and the most valuable employee at Badger Telemarketing while Terry struggles with a severe case low self-esteem and depression.

In the first episode, entitled "Terry Turns Thirty", Harry tries to cheer Terry up on his much dreaded thirtieth birthday.

Harry & Terry is written and created by Ryan Wells.

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I really like the music in this.


this was pretty darn good, although a bit depressing. The animation, characters and music were all neat. Although, the voices were a bit bland. Otherwise, nice job.

It's pretty funny.

I quite enjoyed your toon, art was colorful and smooth, voice acting was great and the writing was smart and snappy. Animation got a bit weird the more i looked at it though, both characters had a weird constant swaying motion to them that became almost nauseating at times.
Perhaps try and use the hands more for gesturing and restrict body movement for when a more expressive action is needed, lip syncing was great though.
A solid 5 for you, hope to see more of the series!

I got a birthday coming up. How did you people at fartoons know?

Harry and Terry is a lousy mock-up of situation comedies featuring a Hare and a Tortoise. Harry is a chipper dude who is trying to cheer up his clinically depressed friend during his thirtieth birthday. Eventually, he gives him a present: a nice noose to hang himself with.

Part of the reason I despise having to head outside the door is the supposition that someone will bring up why I am so morbidly depressed. It ain't to the brink of suicide, but it seems as though that's a classic stereotype that everybody enjoys to laugh at. And my God, it was just terrific to watch yet another pallid, remorseless display of another flash author to stereotype and discredit psychiatric illness for the sake of a few cheap laughs. Part of the reason why the final episode of Harry and Terry dissatisfies me is that it lacks any sense of psychological realism for the sake of a callback. It's also manipulative besides.

The other element that irritates me is that Fartoons decided to use the cheeky, cheery format of a sit-com to juxtapose the seriousness of the subject matter. All it did was grate on the audience's nerves and disillusion those who "got the joke" but didn't find it funny. The real juxtaposition is how this is a technically decent production, despite any asynchronous sound near the tail end due to sheer size of the shock-wave file. It is scripted okay, although most of the jokes fall flat and the last one is seen coming from the very first scene. Why? Because that's how depression is supposed to be funny.

Fartoons's "Harry and Terry" is the very reason why I second-guess the desire to animate in Flash, because if this is the technical caliber I have to beat before Newgrounds is infused with greater psychological realism, I will no doubt have to approach some shit-head reviewer who thinks all the work I had put into something is four naught. And it will be because I didn't generate any laughs over a depressed man hanging himself, either. Because watching depression culminate to suicide isn't funny.