Alley of the Dolls: Pt. 1

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This vampire killing sequence sets the stage for Dr. Shroud as he unravels the truth behind "Saliva Sylvia", the doll that drools pools and pools. Viewers get to vote what happens next in each installment at DrShroud.com and determine the outcome for each part in the adventure.


Dr. Shroud Rules

As far4 as NG film noir goes this is up there with Razzo's work.


Well, itz a subject which I love and the your take on vampire hunting was interesting. however I have a couple of things to say and I hope you will forgive me if i am too ahrsh:

a) The guy (dr. shroud) looks gay. im sorry but itz true. He needs a better costume. a long leather coat, although cliche, looks alot better on hunters than a skin-tight body suit.

b) im not sure about the VOD shroud thing. Kinda stupid way to kill it. the main concept (a burrowing machine which kills from the inside) is great but it looks like a clockwork toy.

it can all be summed up by saying:

wonderful animation, great music (voices might be nice).
the concepts are wonderful and original. however, the way they are visualized is slightly off subject.

Doesn't live up to the hype, but tolerable.

Though the style isn't one I particularly like personally, it's well done and it holds together well. The graphics quality is also very good. Sound was kind of cheesy, but not too bad, again, good quality. Violence was a bit cartoony considering the slight atempt at realism, but I suppose if that's what you like... Interactivity and humor is obvious, so, over all, you get a 7. (Mostly because Pt. 1 didn't live up to the hype which it has been given.) Here's to hoping the next few are better.

nudity is not for these creaters!

he should have filled the wall with garlic
(even if it didn't kill him , just to piss it off)
and the last reviewer was right

with bordum,,,,,,sigh,,,,,,,


yes lets all fight for the good!
sorry........ lol XD
i liked it, the black and white pics are nicly done

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2002
9:23 AM EDT