Alley of the Dolls: Pt. 1

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This vampire killing sequence sets the stage for Dr. Shroud as he unravels the truth behind "Saliva Sylvia", the doll that drools pools and pools. Viewers get to vote what happens next in each installment at DrShroud.com and determine the outcome for each part in the adventure.



Interesting movie, very short though, almost not worth getting very in to the movie. The music got annoying after awhile, but I like the style you did with the comics. Work a little on it, and you might get this up there in the tops.

blood sucker

good product

Very Nice

A little too heavy on the scatchy film effects.
The music was cool.The pace was perfect. It definatly does'nt need anymore color. Maybe it needs to be a tad more lighter.

A note on your preloader: You should start that annoying heart beat when your movie is done loading, and fade it out as your music fades in.

All in all I enjoyed this.

I liked it a lot!

I thought the black and white was cool, but the story reminded me of Blade.

can't wait for part 2.

robfeldman responds:

Thanks for the great review. If I may comment in regard to the Blade thing, that is a common point. I actually copyrighted the story prior to the Blade movie (the Blade comic was MUCH different). The two ideas (Shroud and Blade) are very different in tone and plot, although there are similarities (as with most things). I like to think of Dr. Shroud as a collective parody of all horror heroes, Blade included. Thanks again, though, for the very nice review and I hope you keep watching.. :)


Needs color, more action, and more sound but other than that it was great.

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2002
9:23 AM EDT