Nan Creatures Extended

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Choose the best creatures and be the number one trainer. Choose their actions and get ready to fight! This version has new worlds to beat and new creatures to fight. This version has new worlds and new creatures to fight with.

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I loved this game, played it all day yesterday. Very addicting. But I created and validated my account as soon as I started playing, and when I came back to play it today, it seems all of my progress has been lost. What gives?

This is DEFINITELY inspired by Final Fantasy.

very fun game, nice clean graphics and sound

but get rid of that pop up, it is annoying as hell, sure once is fine, the facebook thing is fine (even though it requires you to accept the pop up) but after every battle, your only going to push people away from the game

I would have given you a better rating if you didn't have that annoying pop up (and so will hundreds of other people)

Well, it's maybe an extended version, but surely not an improved version. the only thing that has happened is the adding of more monsters, a (I believe) improvement in how fluent the game is (although not that much, if it is even there).

Apart from that, there didn't change that much. And there is one incredible annoying thing about which people have complained in the old version of this game: THE POP-UP SCREEN (the one telling you to log-in) in-between battles. and not just after a few battles, no, every F****** battle has that irritating pop-up screen.

so my conclusion is that due to a lack of improvement this is not worthy of a high score. ( am aware that I can't make anything like this myself, but if I could I would pay more attention to constructive criticism.

The gameplay is fun, the graphics look sweet, but it just feels like a money milk cow to me, even if it isn't meant to be that.

A pretty good game. Well deserving to be saved =)

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3.17 / 5.00

May 30, 2012
7:38 AM EDT
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