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Achtung Omaha 44

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You are a German solidier in the WW II. Americans land in Omaha Beach. Use 6 different german weapons (Parabellum, Jagdgewehr, Gewehr Maschinenpistole, Maschinengewehr, Panzerfaust) that you can buy and upgrade in shop. Fight to survive in 20 levels.

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very bad. it should also be rated M

cool name of game

1: Who wants to play as the Germans? 2: The animations are terrible. 3: I'm writing this review and am being shot at by 2 guys and I'm still not dead. 4: Scrolling with the mouse sucks. 5: Still not dead. 6: It looks bad. 7:Finally dead. Basically, it is boring, and it could be a lot better. The bodies need to stick around at least til the end of the level for starters. You should be able to use arrows/A and D to scroll the screen.

I get the feeling the person who made this game has NEVER played a flash game in a window before. I can't see any other way for him to not realize that forcing the player to move your gunsight (and therefore the mouse) to the far edges of the flash window was a bad idea. It is WAY too easy to move too far and out of the flash window, which stops the scrolling. Either have the scrolling be done by the arrow keys, or make it start scrolling more toward the middle of hte window so players don't have to constantly flirt with the edge of the window.

This situation if further frustrating on some sites that had a ridiculous amount of adds surrounfing the game window. Very easy to click to try to shoot your weapon, only to click on an ads and your game be interrupted by the ad.

Game is really very basic.Poos graphics, poor controls. These kind of games have been done hundreds of times before and most are much better than this. I dont know how you have such a high rating