Orange Roulette

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Fresh Squeeze 5 Points

You Survived Your First Encounter

Extra Pulp 10 Points

You Lived Through Round Two

Dark Harvest 25 Points

You Are Victorious, But At What Price?

Fruit Concentrate 25 Points

Three Down And Still Fresh

Harmer's Market 50 Points

You Shot Your Opponent!

Luck Is An Illusion 50 Points

Get To The End On Your First Game

Overripe 50 Points

You Survived A Long Rally

You Would Have Never Known 50 Points

You Spun the Cylinder When You Would Have Been Shot

Author Comments

Trapped in a prison hell, a desperate orange will play a deadly game in the hopes of getting shipped home. Choose carefully and you might just get out of this without making the floor all sticky.
Overripe medal: to get this, you must keep a match going until you make it to your fifth turn!
Luck is an Illusion medal: Win the entire game on your first try!
You Would Have Never Known medal will trigger even if you spin the bullet right back where it was and croak anyway. Now you know you have equal amounts of good/bad luck, ha ha.


"I'm not a blood orange.
They won't listen.
They're juiced for a new game."

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5 stars to the tense and unnerving atmosphere. The facial expressions of the characters also make the game creepy.

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When I was playing this game...
Me: I'll shoot him! >:)
Me: Uh oh...

Simple, yet tense. Nice. This is a very fun game. It'd seem like Russian Roulette wouldn't have much potential, but playing enough will point out some simple objective math to maximize probability of survival. I see more potential behind this game in the form of cinematics, writing, and maybe the addition of more rules or players.

Want to maximize your survival?
ALWAYS try to shoot your opponent UNLESS...

1- ...it's a 1/3 chance, at which point, spin the cylinder.

If you try to shoot them when there's a 1/3 chance left, it WILL be a death sentence. Picture this: *click 1*
*click 2*
*click 3*
Now you have the gun, with only 1/3 of a chance of it going off. If you point it at them, more likely than not (2/3, of course), they'll survive, and that will be the last time the gun will be pointed at them.
*click 4*
Checkmate; You're forced to turn the gun onto yourself for 1/2, and even if...
*click 5*
...you actually survived that, you're forced to hand the gun over to your opponent, who, given the 1/1 chance, WILL point it to you and...

NOTE: If you're at 1/3, but you have already used your "cylinder spin", then point it at yourself, (in the off-chance of them getting nervous and using THEIR cylinder spin);
THE MATH BEHIND THAT IDEA: If you point it at them, you'll have 1/3 of a chance of killing them, but then you're "checkmated" so to speak (1/3 chance of killing them translates to 2/3 chance of you dying). BUT... If you point it at yourself, you'll take 1/3 of a chance, and the gun will go to them, who will either point it at you for 1/2 of a chance of you dying (which, after the math, still equates to them facing 1/3 of a chance at death, and you having taken 2/3 of a chance anyway) OR they'll decide to use THEIR cylinder spin (the objective in turning it on yourself), bringing the odds back in your favor (they probably won't use a pure "always try to shoot the opponent" tactic, AND... if they did, it'd be very very close to the previous 50/50 risk anyway)

2- ...it's a 1/2 chance, at which point, spin the cylinder.

If you continue the "always try to shoot the opponent" tactic, your odds will be > 1/2 (even if they also always try to shoot you as well. This is due to the fact that you always go first in this game).
NOTE: If you've already spun the cylinder, obviously, try to shoot them, as it's unlikely that they'll use their cylinder spin or commit suicide when they have a 1/1 chance of killing you, lol...

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4.13 / 5.00

May 29, 2012
3:14 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed