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This was just something i threw together at the end of my senior year in high school as an experiment to see how i would do in flash. There is a lot of things wrong with it, any advice would be helpful. Thank you :)


juest because everyone needs positive feed back and because your my bud keep trying you'll do great!

This is actually pretty good for a first Flash. You use more frame-by-frame stuff than a lot of Flash animators do, including myself! The lack of sound, though, might make some people lose interest in it. As this Flash movie has no dialogue, you could add in appropriate sound effects or maybe some background music.

Pretty good for a first animation, adding colour and sound would help though :)

It's alright as a very basic animation, but this is not good enough to be on Newgrounds.
As you said this is an experiment and has no use here on Newgrounds.
I'm not trying to burst your bubble or anything, just saying it doesn't belong here.
Good job anyways, I hope you will improve and make awesome stuff in the future.

Khoalazan responds:

I understand, i was just trying to get some opinions and advices. Thank you :)

This could turn out to be a successful series, but i just down see it. From what i heard there was no audio, and the animations skipped a but in my opinion so for that, I give it 1 star, just since it's your first animation, good luck in future attempts. :)

Khoalazan responds:

I couldn't get audio into the animation in time :c

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May 29, 2012
2:17 PM EDT