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Luigi's Adventure 2

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After recovering the stolen magic wand and a journey to Bowser's castle, Luigi is finally ready to face off against King Bowser and rescue the princess. Will Mario and Luigi's rescue mission be a success?

I made these a while back in 2004 when i was teaching myself how to use Macromedia flash. It started off as a few tests but eventually it turned into a series of random Mario videos. I had no idea what i was doing when i made these videos lol. I actually took the time/effort to cut out each of the individual sprites from the ZSNES Super Nintendo emulator manually instead of using sprite sheets which can explain the crappy graphic GIF quality on most of the sprites.

They are mainly just random test videos. If you don't like them, i can't really blame you since i made them so many years ago. I mainly just uploaded them for a few friends that wanted to see them. I have no intention of going back and finishing this series, they are "as is". I admit that the quality isn't the best and the animation is choppy but i feel like it adds to the charm along with the randomness of the humor. The animation does start to get better at part 3 and onward though.

Special Thanks to:
Macromedia Flash
Microsoft paint
Paint Shop Pro

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*Saves Toad* Enough with the Toad cruelty!

i lol'd all the way through. nice touch with peach.

This one is funnier and better than the first. Peach: Who keeps doing this to the toads? ...... Mario: Luigi! Luigi: Mario! Luigi! Mario!

It was good and kinda funny!But!Why.......do the Mario Bros. keep beating toads up?

AgentTer responds:

can you honestly blame them?

Best adventure ever!