Save Your Mom

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You are a young boy whos mother has been kidnapped by a strange creature. Your quest is to: SAVE YOUR MOM.
A game made by Alexander Backman.

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this time it should go like this ...
... title will be something like . Save your mom ... again ..
then add musics , sound effects , monsters , make the texts more legible , attack button , defend button , some savepoints , more peoples , more houses , quests , the kidnapping has no sense work it !! like at the start some evil creature (its up to you) took your mom and you tried to ask help from your neighbors and no one believed you something like that and add quests , NO LEVELS JUST STATS , add save button , make the game longer , and add items with stat effects like Omega Shield +25% block chance +skill Shield bash +35 armor .. OK ?! ILL BE WAITING !!!!!!!!!!!!

Before this game can be called good, it needs some fixes, in no particular order:

- Add music;
- Add sound effects;
- Don't make us restart from the very beginning when we die;
- Make the text legible;
- Add a run button; he's too slow.

AlexanderBackman responds:

Thanks for playing my game!!!:D I will take your critisism and use to try and make this a better game! I am going to do some big changes in the game and remove all bugs, then i am going to make some music and some effects!

the only way, it would seem, out of the first screen is to right click and hit play, thats bad game design

This is some weird shit, I like weird shit. another weird thing is that recently I've been searching for labyrinth games but to no avail until I clicked this out of boredom and then a labyrinth level wtf. I like how you use the 8bit style though it is not original for a flash of this type but still it's not getting old yet.

AlexanderBackman responds:

Thank you so much! this was for a class in my school and with all this response i will try to imrove this as much as i can! So very soon you will see some improvments! :D

Okay, this has to be the oddest game I have ever played, and not in a good way at all.
I have no idea what I am doing
There is no music or even sound effects
Is the text 'splelaspelct' supposed to tell me what to do?
I love strange art like games, especially ones with pixel art, you obviously have some talent, but this is too abstract to be playable.
It's nice to look at, but I have no idea what I am doing.

AlexanderBackman responds:

I will fix instructions and fix the bugs! This was for a class in my school:) and "SPELASPELET" is "PLAY THE GAME" in swedish, so i mixed up the language a bit but soon that will be fixed!:D
Thank you for the response!

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1.13 / 5.00

May 29, 2012
8:22 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other