TOME Episode 04

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TOME - Episode 04 - Fraggedquest

Gamecrazed, alone in the woods one day, is invited by Alpha and the others to join in a quest, so they can relax and enjoy TOME like regular players for the first time in a while...but their day of enjoyment is in danger of being blown apart by an old enemy, lookin' to stir up trouble. Our heroes split up into groups, seeking three pieces of a cursed statue that holds a monster inside it for them to fight against. The REAL monster might just turn out to be something else entirely! Can they triumph over EVIL!?

Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring special guest voices of Deven Mack Jr. (Beyblade: Metal Masters) and Mick Lauer (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal). Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!


anyone that rates less than 5, i dont understand,but id love to see more of TOMe, this is about my 4th time watching it all through, the 5 episodes that are uploaded, please make more :)

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Hey, it's been a while. I'm glad to see that TOME is back, alive and well. I'm loving what I've seen so far of the reboot, and think it's awesome(especially the potentially changed mythos, though I'll say nothing further just in case). Great job to Kirbopher and everyone involved in the project, and I look forward to seeing TOME unfold!

Still loving this! I watched the first two episodes the other day, this one today... and I plan to watch the rest! But... not tonight. I want to, but I don't want it to be over TOO SOON!

Say, Rockoon's speech seemed slightly different from episode one... or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, keep up the good work! You totally rock!

I'll be keeping up with this epicness like Madness and Bleach manga. Keep making morrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I have to say. This is turning out to be one of the most successful series' on Newgrounds i've seen. It's just... it's all there. Like, I would go so far as to say that this dethrones the Press Start series! And truth be told, watching this stuff actually makes me feel like i'm there in the world, seeing you guys kick hacker ass! It's fucking BRILLIANT is what it is!!! How long i've waited for someone to finally fucking NAIL the immersion factor for me, and this does it! You nail the on a virtual cross and light it with digital flame! It's fucking awesome, and I LOVE all the talent comming from this. Granted, I think some of the more technical dialog could be a bit better, but that's always something that's hard to really nail, and I think you do an okay job of that anyways. The art style is really cool and I think it fits this quite well. I also love all the cute characters with the personalities you give them. My favorite has to be LittleKuriboh's Nylocke. <3

And... you actually those two (Mack and Lauer) to give voice-over for this...? ...I don't even know what to say to that. That's just funderful. Fucking wonderful.

As well, Kajetokun composes such fucking awesome chiptune music for this, and I feel like it fits right in too. The main theme for the series is really cool, too. A bit corny, but it fits. :D An--


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May 29, 2012
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