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TOME - Episode 04 - Fraggedquest

Gamecrazed, alone in the woods one day, is invited by Alpha and the others to join in a quest, so they can relax and enjoy TOME like regular players for the first time in a while...but their day of enjoyment is in danger of being blown apart by an old enemy, lookin' to stir up trouble. Our heroes split up into groups, seeking three pieces of a cursed statue that holds a monster inside it for them to fight against. The REAL monster might just turn out to be something else entirely! Can they triumph over EVIL!?

Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring special guest voices of Deven Mack Jr. (Beyblade: Metal Masters) and Mick Lauer (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal). Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!


This series never fails to entertain and only getrs more pro every episode!

Keep going everyone and maybe you guys can start a kickstart to continue and make blurays of the entire season! I'd certainly want one!

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does someone know the song you hear at the part when the girl roleplays with the old man?

love it geting funnyer beaer and beast off longer keep it up

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Dammit, Kirb... I'm running out of bars for you to overcome!

Cripes! This is seriously getting every better than the last 3, and THOSE kept driving it up every time! On every level!

...Ahem. Enough gushing, time to put our brainy reviewing specs on.

First off, on the technical side. The animation is just as fluid as before, and the final fight was a very well put together brawl, given the layout. Seeing the newly redesigned characters is welcome, and really feels alive again. The music IS now beginning to repeat itself often, and it's noticeable now. But, by the same token, the action is paced to it and often makes use of the music in new ways. It still works, and is becoming iconic, rather than simply fresh and new. And as always, the voice acting is some of the highest caliber stuff I can find around here. Well freakin' done.

Now to the objective stuff. This marks the point for me that has had the most actual character growth in my mind, as it was likely written to be. For instance, discussing a closely knit group of friends potentially meeting up online, as well as the genuine concern it can be used for cyber-crime. The "point" behind quests in social gaming. The characters playing off each other one after another... It's really good stuff. As a personal note, it was nice to see Flamey step back out of her role as Alpha's not-quite-girlfriend to demonstrate both roleplaying talent and general smarts, at Nylocke's request. Likewise, Nylocke remains as hysterical as ever, even as I wish we could have heard him breaking character while drunk in person. A little bit of time to see him grow would be nice, I'll admit. Alpha's coming to grips with his Forbidden Power, and knowing when to break the rules and when to follow them. GC... Well, it should be obvious how he's growing. And Kirb... Is so pro. All in all, it works wonders. Hell, I would have been joining Nylocke in that final hug.

The humor is also continuing to step up it's game, both poking general fun at gaming (without having to resort to direct reference) while also using much more clever wordplay and good humor. This is GOOD stuff, and without needing a single swear word to punctuate it. Well done.

So, in conclusion... For the fourth bloody time now... FANTASTIC. I can't stress this enough. THIS is good entertainment. THIS is a damn good show. THIS is a testament to the skills of everyone who worked on this, bravo, bravo, bravo.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the store and pick up some new bars for Kirb to raise with this series.

Continue? YES.

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This is...great. It's just great. I tell you, Kirbopher, that I've been a fan of your work for a long while. Original work, collaborations, etc.; your name has always been a stand-out in my book. And this piece of work you have going here...it's relative creative genius. You have yourself a solid plot foundation, relatable and recognizable characters, and an overall cool concept for a story. I'm not sure if you've heard of or seen the web series "The Guild", starring Felicia Day, but I would I enjoy a lot of the core concepts shared in both that series and your series, "TOME". Your art style is fun, your voice acting is sublime (seriously, great job everybody!), and I honestly cannot wait to see what's in store for the party after this episode! So congratulations to everybody involved with this project, and please know that you're doing fantastic work!

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