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Fuck Town: Thai Paradise

rated 3.63 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Dating

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May 28, 2012 | 4:32 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Brian worked hard all last year and was very tired. Tomorrow he goes to Thailand to relax and have a good holiday. Everyone knows that Thailand is one of the world's most popular places for sex tourists. So our hero has a good chance to fuck someone over there.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I only like too fuck hard bro

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad :/ ..

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this one. its more like real life and not a porno. good job

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

WARNING: LONG REVIEW, probably tedious. > Just skip to the TIP, because that is worth knowing!!

First thing: I avoided of this game for a while after seeing the title. That title conjured up dodgy visions. Of "mail-order Thai brides" - lonely old 'Western' men with enough $$$ finally to snare a female companion from afar - no disrespect to Thai women, just a slightly tragic fact of some lives. Or worse visions, of (mostly also male, ageing and tragic, but less innocent) predatory sex tourists. Though 'ladyboys' didn't trouble my mind! :D

But the game's not like that. (In fact you have to look hard to find anyone who looks vaguely Asian at all - the gift shop manager, possibly? - which is a bit exaggerated, I think. SUGGESTION 1 to the authors: don't be afraid to include some local color, and local human interest!)

In some ways it's even a charming adventure, given that it's a sex game. Our hero seduces but also works like hell to create a loving relationship with Pamela (so it's almost a pity that the game ends without any conclusion other than another sperm ejaculation, 'and cut'. SUGGESTION 2: some story ending would be nice - even somthing like"Pamela finds a richer, more virile stud than Brian, and dumps her holiday ride ..." )

It's a very long & elaborate courtship ritual! Charming, and exciting in parts ... but there also is a central weakness to the game. It's so drawn out with chains of snippets of commentary and dialog that is (too) often without options. An overlong procession of clickthrus, esp in the early scenes with Pamela (in her shop, in the cafe - well, you do get either/or compliment options, but these are surely meant more in jest than as a true test - and also at the beach, till he *finally* at least gets to grope her a bit, under the noble pretence of protecting her bod from UV rays.

(Oh, and also the constant trekking back and forth to the single ATM, for small sums! - are there no online credit or other ATM cash facilities in Thailand? Even if so, couldn't he take out a few thousand Baht from the start, to save his shoe leather? :D )

A game that may be a quaint little education in the finer arts of bedding females - have patience, be observant with the little things, be respectful, and whatever you do, sir, postpone your cum frenzy until it's time to blam bigtime - this can soon become counter-productive: players may get p*ssed off having their character jerked around all around the town - and by a 'click procession' all through the inflexible parts of the plot! :D

Since it's also a game where, one false move when there IS a genuine option choice, and you lose your shag (*see tips below*) - often for good, and without realizing it until the game's over, it'd be good to have the chance to redo a scene (a part-game), instead of being forced to repeat the whole text-, ATM- and clicking rigmarole again from the start when it dawns on you you've f*cked up! (And there's game SUGGESTION 3!)

Another problem is - others have noted this too, but it's a biggie - even if the lengthy courtship rituals were eased or varied or pepped up a bit, most players would probably prefer to drop our Cinderella (Pamela) and chase some of the sexier pieces in town. Katie - the phoned friend at the start - the optician ("phwwwoar!!!") (*) - and the assistant in the clothes shop ("phwwoar 2!!") ~ hell, the guy in the gift shop if that's what floats your boat :D ~ make you wonder quite why you work so hard to win the "favors" of the nice, but stony-looking, precise and demanding Pam. At least until you finally get inside the charming little tease! ... This can raise the player's frustration level - with the game, at Pam, and sexually too (in AND out of role) a bit furthr than you'd like. So
SUGGESTION 4: Would be jollier (and a great relief) if there was an option to ..... errrrm, 'chat up' others too! (I mean sex) ~ Okay, that's not so romantic - but it IS a bloomin' long courtship! :)

Maybe those two points are a lot of criticism, on what is a well-worked game in many ways, that clearly took nuch time and effort ... and to be fair, the game (Pamela) does generally get horny as long you can hold out!

I have to lodge ONE more important criticism. The language does need quite a bit of work in key places. Normally I don't moan about this - free games, you're ungrateful if you expect Shakespeare, and anyway it doesn't usually make that much difference, or lead you astray ... it can often even be amusing, cute, a funny extra (sometimes intended, I'm sure). BUT! ...

*BUT* there's at least ONE point in the story where a faulty bit of English is likely to mislead you, and make you lose important Pammy pussy - important also because missing that bit of bonking (straight after the drinks) means you lose more Pamshoving in the rest of the game too, and if not careful, you may even end up a miserable hysterically wanking failure (like one of those sex tourists ...)!!! ~~ So listen, here's the BIG TIP (making this a bit clearer would be SUGGESTION 5):

Be careful in the cinema with the option "push her feet". Looks like it's offering you a bit of mild 'foot(s)y-foot(s)y' in the dark. Nope - it MEANS: "ease her LEGS APART" (= so you can stroke and soften up her cunt). Quite a difference, eh? As you will find later (or even never realize), if you innocently "nudge her feet", you've offended her by grabbing roughly at her box with your paw!

Most other oddly-worded options are probably clearer to work out. And content-wise, remember she's a quiet romantic girl, not into stadium death metal, just some bland instrumental wallpaper, who wants compliments and wants you to be brave (but not too brave - so avoid options such as "I'm gonna bang your fkin into next week now - 'k?"). Oh, and she likes more expensive goods ...

Let's get to the sex (at last), because it's pretty good (if variable) - and if you can hold out and 'do stuff right', Pam DOES finally come out of her shell and is up for good hard stuffing, or five.

She's happiest when doggied - or is it your fave position?? Anyway, you do it three times - if you play your cards right. Her large tits swing nicely with your thrusts (bizarrely, she pulls them out naked for you and then next scene, for a second doggy in a row, they're tucked back in a blouse! PLUS she's wearing her formal party gloves again - wtf?!). She has some fetching dimples just above her nicely 3D-shaded 'bubble butt' (which thankfully stays defencelessly bared for each shag) - and in some scenes at least, also very sexily shaped thighs when she's obediently on all fours being rammed.

Even her clenched hands are sweet. I also like the way her pant(ie)s are hanging off her leg in the last scene, where she's at last showing some proper all-out orgasmic emotion, instead of finding it all rather nice and enjoyably filling. Also, though some of the thrusting is mournfully slow in this as in other games, she rides a dick very expertly once she's going, a good enveloping bounce.

Be aware that Pamela turns into an alien in a couple of sex scenes, though. Or at least, her whole eyeballs seem to turn green, which is odd. Maybe you've moved something in her.

I'd just repeat SUGGESTION 4 - can we have a few more holiday bonks, please? - and leave it there.

(*) About the optician girl. WELL! I nearly fell off me chair! That's our Julia, the deposed Russian Olympic skating champion!!!! (See game "Olympic Adventures".) She's got a slight bit less curvy (but not much, thankfully), and has started wearing color-altering contacts, but that's definitely her - an eye specialist in Thailand! Maybe, after the disgrace of losing her skating crown and scandalous revelations of mad sex, she was thrown out of Russia and decided to start a new life abroad? (jk) Anyway, that girl should DEFINTELY be included in the fucking fun this time! ;)

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