Fuck Town: Thai Paradise

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Brian worked hard all last year and was very tired. Tomorrow he goes to Thailand to relax and have a good holiday. Everyone knows that Thailand is one of the world's most popular places for sex tourists. So our hero has a good chance to fuck someone over there.

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So first of all you fucking idiots - he goes in for some shirts - DOESNT GET THEM!!!!!!! then he says he flying in 7 days?????? IT SAYS NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!

Great game! Love the struggle and the wait building the climax for the sex scenes, even though I think there are some time-wasting parts, like having to go to the bank every time you want to buy something. I also enjoyed when I had to buy and do all the things for her, there's a female domination feeling to it, and for a theme that's almost not explored at all in sex games nowadays it really satisfied a need I had for quite a while.

i like it very much

Really nice game, interesting, but it takes also extremely long.

First I was thinking, why the guy here (game player figure) wants this woman when he have such a hot girlfriend at home ? Then I saw that is a 1 - 1 copy from "Miami Holidays" and other FT games ... by the following reasons (examples, same gameplay and storylines).

Make gifts, be a gentleman, buy tickets for a romantic movie (you can choose between two), tell her compliments, buy her a sunglass, buy sun oil for her, creme her body with tender hands. Buy a fine bottle of wine, buy a music CD (you can choose between two also) ... If you don't have money, you must play in a casino for it. Or you must walk for orders.

Is all not new, and all absolutely not creative, only lazy and poor recycling from usual, all knowing things and ideas, that has given already and they exists also further.

And, in result, it was so. Even when you achieve the first sex scene finally you think, for what that all in general ? The lady here has enormous boobs and a really slim body and eyes, who are so unrealistic (maybe like cats eyes or such tiger, manga style), that soon the feeling for it goes by.

Now I sit here in the day 6 and the gameplay is awful. Okay, it is more realistic and so naturally better than the usual other fast fuck games, but, not good. 2 stars for the challenge.

ps. it need a walkthrough, then it even would be okay. ^^

wait she's married

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3.42 / 5.00

May 28, 2012
4:32 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating