WereBox 2

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Find out the truth about game development in the new hardcore casual puzzle flash game!


game with great potential, love the idea and the story caps, the levels are easy and get harder at a steady pace. well explained how it works. a minor is i got stuck on lv 17, literally, not because i couldn't figure out what to do but pressing the balls or boxes just created a new ball or box on the spot and lvl select or restart don't work. programming flaw?
anyway it has great potential.

well stated, while this is a simple game, it is also fun throughout the entire thing, it was funny, clever, and yet it managed to not become overly complicated, i'm not saying complicated games aren't fun, but it is nice to just let the brain do the work rather than having to smash the keyboard all the time, well done on making a simple, fun, and clever game without going overboard, a really great game. 5/5

some level too strong, but a love such puzzles

level 18:

the shapes changes but there is no collision-control...
maybe check that stuff un your sourcecode

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This is a really fun game but I don't know if its just me or maybe I am doing something wrong but on the 9th level, the one where you just click on the guy and watch him roll. Nothing happens for me, he just sits there and i checked the walkthrough and thats all you do is click on him and he rolls away. Its been 20 minutes now and he just sits there...with that constipated look on his face.

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3.72 / 5.00

May 28, 2012
3:01 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling