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Bomb Runner

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A maze-riddled mix of minigolf and pinball set in deep space.
Guide your bomb through 24 levels, improve your ship with upgrades, battle against epic bosses and save the galaxy!
*a new version has been uploaded*

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Amazing music

Not a bad game...I like the mix of maze elements and mini golf it keeps it fresh. However...there is one that that REALLY frosts me and that is the upgrades system. When I see "Upgrades" I think ok I need Gold, Cash, Resources, or in this case, Galaxy Coins, to get them...no biggie...that is until I realize I need to do EVERY LEVEL PERFECTALLY to get a gold medal and a coin...that is virtually impossible!!!

If you have an upgrade system make it accessable. DO NOT make it that you have to be perfect in every level to get a coin to upgrade. Allow coins to be collected in other ways, put them in the mazes or something so that you can actually buy and use the upgrades in the game.

an excellent game. the only real issue i had was the shots that required speed. they were a little harder than they needed to be due to the screen moving so much throwing off timing and aim.
that's the only reason i cant give it a 5. the visuals, level design, and challenge level (except where noted above) were practically perfect, as was the music.

on a side note: the final boss feels, and kinda looks, like mother brain from metroid. nice little easter egg

Overall a good game. Sharp graphics, plays mostly well on my computer, which is quite old. Occassionally my ball goes into the walls. I can't get past level 1-6 (even with top speed upgrade) or level 3-1. Got gold medal on all others except level 2-5. I enjoyed the boss on 2-8...wish I could see the others. It seemed like the other two kinds of upgrades didn't have much of a point.

The interface is very cluttered, large amounts of uneeded fillers block your view and distract from gameplay, if you make a sequel, consider removing the obstructive UI entirely and going for a more minimalist feel.

Hurts my eyes to look at this one, far too cluttered.