Cornelius & Toots: Case 1

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Introducing Cornelius & Toots, Paranormal Investigators. Working out of London, they'll make toast of your ghost, dissect-er your spectre and school your ghoul. In their first case, Cornelius and Toots get more than they bargain for when they investigate a demonic fish in Chiswick!

EDIT: I'd just quickly like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and vocal about their enjoyment of Cornelius and Toots so far! The response has been overwhelming, and we are indeed working on a second episode at the moment. Thanks to Newgrounds also for featuring us, can't thank you enough!


Brilliant that doll really looked scary! i hope you make more in the future.

I thought this was going to be lame...but then it was awesome!
Carry one...I'm striving for more...
also,I liked the encyclopedia thing and the spooky facts and those spot the differences cuts

Heehee I love it!

Though I got to admit theres so much shit in the backgrounds and everywhere else I also love the attempt to be somewhat nightmare fuel scary on a mild level. I also could'nt help but notice a few nods to games like Professor Layton and Bayonetta (Wow didn't see that coming) topped with a dash of random humor. And that being said I see some potential here!

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top rating on everything! xD simply a brilliant concotion of nice things you could make a cartoon out of

Beautiful! Great animation, great attention to detail, and great voice acting! The script and editing could use a little work, but for a first episode this isn't bad at all! Keep it up!

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4.36 / 5.00

May 27, 2012
9:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Original