Seven Deadly Sins - One

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-Epilepsy Warning: There are some flashing images towards the middle here, just warning you so your viewing experience doesn't turn into a bad rave.-

This is part one of a seven part series of Animations that I'm producing for my Final Year of VCE Studio Arts.
By the time I've finished the seventh part, I'm going to wish I just rolled around on a canvas instead and called it 'Non-Objective Expressionism' or some shit.
Song used is Ave Maria by Schubert, a really beautiful piece that I've been rendered immune to through hearing it several times during editing.
I'm experimenting with selective colouring in this series, things that aren't grayscale are either the cause or manifestations of the sins.
Feel free to ask me questions in your reviews, I'll be happy to elaborate.
Next part's already done, and coming soon.


I don't really know where this is going, but i liked the part where he was like "oh cola-paradise... i am melting and close to puke rainbows" (which would have helped loosing weight too)

as im sure you know i dnt do animationing so i cant really offer any advice or constructive criticism, but i really enjoyed the texture stuff you did with the wrinkled paper, the smoke with the drive through guy, the static on the tv and the contrast between colour tv/advertising and grayscale real-life was really good. good to see also a bit of a joke at the end :p
nice job

DeadBroadcast responds:

colon three

aaaah, the influence of publicity on people's mind...

i don't find this so much as being one of the seven deadly sins as i see a man whos addiction to food as an emotional rock, has left him as a lonely island. He does what he knows and seeks happiness through endorphin spiking junk food. i don't see a sinner. i see a man i want to hug and tell him everyhtings not as bad as it seems. 5/5 top notch work and look forward to new work.

Can't say I saw any special relation in this vid that would compliment the title in any way.
It could also use a minor warning in regards to epileptic seizures due to flashy images...

The animation itself was well done, though. I just didn't see much content in general. (Hence the score.) Sure, he eats. But that's about it. Nothing too excessive.
As for your description...
"...things that aren't grayscale are either the cause or manifestations of the sins..."
If I were to guess, I'd say the colour red is what you've chosen in order to represent gluttony...

DeadBroadcast responds:

it's not colourcoded persay, more like the fact that food and commercials are rendered in bright colours because they are the cause and effect of his gluttony. red is a recurring colour because the products being advertised are a spoof of a certain popular burger franchise and cola.
As for not being excessive, it would have been a cool animation to see the guy pig out, but i wanted to focus more on the reasons behind it.

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May 27, 2012
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